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    Automatic knives, valid for use?

    The state law isn't bad but you nailed it with Denver and Boulder having their own laws. I don't live within the limits of either but I am in the Metro and it all runs together to some extent. I am not sure if all the Metro cities besides Denver go with just the state law either so I would...
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    Closest light to a rechargeable Photon Freedom

    The appeal of using any regular battery to recharge for me was that I could use found alkalines that I would not want to risk using in a decent light or device. It does seem that a more robust battery was needed.Maybe they should have went with 2 5MM LEDs and less output to be more in line with...
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    Automatic knives, valid for use?

    Putting aside the legal gray area that surrounds switchblades to begin with, the prices I see make me lose interest. There are so many lock options now you are likely to find a non-auto that works well for you one handed anyway and there are a lot of really good options under $200 and even sub...
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    Closest light to a rechargeable Photon Freedom

    I was a big fan of the Photon Rex as well.I got the impression that the Photon Rex's rechargeable coin cells didn't really hold up that well over time and LRI's recycle plan for the lights wasn't very feasible. I would like to see a new light with similar capabilities as the Rex but not with...
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    Beware Alkaline Cells

    I have Tenergy low self discharge Nimh 9V and I believe there are some other brands out there as well. The problem I have run into is the the + and - connections are slightly recessed compared to lithium/alkaline 9V and will not work with some items like my Pak-lites. I do use alkaline 9V and 6V...
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    List Your Favorite Light You Have Had For More Than 2 Years Than You Use Nightly

    Since I am typically home in the night hours these days it is the Paklite. I have a Seraph SP-6 with a Malkoff that sees a lot of backyard duty and a Solarforce LM2 with 1XCR123 also Malkoffed that I often use digging around upstairs for something but it is the Pak-lite that sees nightly...
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    First Generation Inova X5

    Bummer that it doesn't work correctly. I actually think Emissive Energy should have stuck with a head twist design over the tail twisty.Don't get me wrong the tail twist X5s are great lights but I have found head twistys to be more convenient than tail twistys over the years.
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    Fulton MX991 Lantern Kit

    Great work again! Always impressed by your 3D printed flashlight accessories.
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    First Generation Inova X5

    Nice score on the original version X5! I thought all those were still aluminum construction but perhaps it could be stainless. I have a few Emissive Energy X5s but they were already using the tail switch by the time I started buying INOVAs.
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    flashlight museum gone?

    The site you were redirected to, is owned by the McLellan family. I believe Dave McLellan who has now retired was the driving force behind flashlight museum so perhaps he no longer wants to maintain the flashlight museum site. There is a mention of the flashlight museum in the...
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    1960s Mity-Lite

    According to their website Pelican started in 1976 so it must be another light but I did see anything different at Flashlight Museum with the Mity-Lite name.
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    Maglite Lantern?

    Nice work!
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    What to recommend to the non-Flashoholic???

    You may want to check out the Olight i5T as well. Simple low/high tail switch and they go on sale fairly often especially when new colors are released. The Tool AA would also be a good choice if it is more to your liking. On a side note my non-flashoholic wife likes the Pak-lite. Not going to...
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    9V lights

    I use Pak-lites frequently around the house as well as keeping them for power outages and such. The 4K model is a huge improvement over the old cool whites and the color models can be also be useful.
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    Anyone remember the PALight, and know where to get something like it?

    I would like to see the PALight available again. Unfortunately I passed on them when they were still available not seeing the value at the time. I am a big Pak-lite fan but the PALight offers something a little different yet with similar purpose. To the OP:I agree with the others that the...
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    Best Looking Flashlight (Brand)!

    I guess I have a couple avenues of appeal. I like the classic Surefires,INOVAs and Malkoffs for the no-nonsense practical look but I am also fond of PK's more stylish designs. The ICON lights or honestly most of the lights he has had a hand in the designing. I can't say I always carry or even...
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    Can you remember

    I think it was a combination of various power outage experiences and the availability of small easily carried lights. I am not sure exactly when I started carrying daily but by the time Fenix rolled out the P1 it became a no brainer. The P1 even with the old LUX III still offered plenty of light...
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    Is Lumapower still in operation?

    Battery Junction still lists some lights but the designs seem dated. It could just be older stock at this point,I really don't know if they are still operating. You might want to try an email to B.Junction as they have always been a distributor and may have the info you are after. I never did...
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    UV Tactical Light?

    I don't see how a UV source would provide any advantage for self defense. Cool white LED lights are available with much higher visible output and should provide a better disorienting/blinding effect than UV. I tend to agree that substantial output from UV is likely to cause eye damage that...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Love the design of the ICON Solo! Wish the Solo and Rogue lights would come back into production with current LEDS,better efficiency and the same simple operation.