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  1. Anglepoise

    I think I have found the perfect insert

    A post from precisionworks around six months ago got me experimenting with inserts designed for aluminum. By selecting a grade that works with other metals, I don't need a large number of holders or inserts. This insert grade works perfectly with Aluminium,Stainless steel and...
  2. Anglepoise

    Nice used Emco Super11 for sale Pacific Northwest

    Saw this post this morning and might be of interest to members in the Pacific Northwest. I am in no way connected to the seller. Purely FYI......
  3. Anglepoise

    Carbide inserts or HSS for small machines???

    First off I should say that I have never owned or operated a small table top lathe. So this post is more a question to those owners. Lately there has been much talk about using inserts on these small lathes and one photo I saw showed a quite severe negative rake combined with a large tip...
  4. Anglepoise

    "It's a Tool" as an excuse for poor workmanship

    Lately I have noticed allot of posts where poor workmanship, bad fit and finish, mismatching of finish and other flashlight blemishes have been attributed to the fact that the item in question is a 'Tool' or is being used as a tool. This somehow is meant to cover a whole lot of quality control...
  5. Anglepoise

    NTC Thermistor (SL12 1R010 ) working well ( Update)

    I just recently received my order of NTC thermistors and I am here to report that I can now take a fully charged set of AA batteries, hot off the charger, and use them immediately to power up my 5761 without any more flashing.
  6. Anglepoise

    Anyone got the P7, Seoul Acriche 110volt AC ,LED ?

    Seoul announced the Acriche LED line back in November 2006 and since then there has been little info about this. Its an LED that is connected directly to an AC outlet, no driver required. Anyone got one of these??
  7. Anglepoise

    Have I got this right ?? Less lux from 5761 ver 1111

    Have I got this right?? My tests were with a Mag2D, with FF 6AA> adapter . Batteries were Elite 1700 AA NIMH. Hot off charger 8.4 volts. Both Phillips 5761 and WA 1111 both flashed. **** After draining batteries to 7.9 volts, I got the following. With WA 1111, Vb sagged to 7.1 volts, while...
  8. Anglepoise

    NTC in parallel.

    Thanks to the excellent threads in this section, I am gradually learning about modding hotwires. I am not up to speed on electronics but can use a soldering iron. Now about NTC use. We want an ohm of resistance when cold so the bulbs do not flash. Got that. The selected NTC must drop its...
  9. Anglepoise

    5761 powereed by 6 Elite 1700 AA cells???

    I recently built a 2D mag using WA1111 and FM's 6AA adapter. With 6 ,2700 Sanyos, hot off the charger,the voltage sags immediately to just over 6.4 volts even with the tail cap modified. I have just recieved 6 Elite 1700 cells purchased to use with the 5761 bulb. What are my chances , flash or...
  10. Anglepoise

    Lighting a milling spindle

    Thought this post on 'Home Machinist' might interest some of you guys
  11. Anglepoise

    Measuring resistance in Mag switches

    I am new to incandescence and am reading and learning as much as possible. Seen posts on the importance of having the minimum resistance in the switch , particularly Mag switches. I set about trying to measure this with a conventional Ohm meter and its just not feasible. However I am convinced...
  12. Anglepoise

    Question on heat problems with m*g 2D mod

    I am not new to modding , but am new to the 'Hot wire' world. I am about to mod a M*g 2D with items from FM. My question is heat. Will the plastic tower at the top of the switch be affected by the heat from a WA 1111 bulb. This seems to me to be an area of potential problems. Has anyone made a...
  13. Anglepoise

    Poor man's DRO

    After reading about cmacclel's new DRO, ( lucky guy ! ) , I am prompted to show you my poor man's version. Now there is nothing new about using a dial indicator to measure the saddle or cross slide movement. There must have been thousands of detailed articles over the ages describing how to do...
  14. Anglepoise

    2D drafting Cad software ??

    Last year I got involved with the 'Free' download of Solid Edge's 2D drafting software. All of a sudden it now announces that it is expiring at the end of the month. Users now realize that this was only designed to work for a year. So now I am looking for a simple program that can do simple...
  15. Anglepoise

    For someone interested in machining a light from Ti.

    Member 'dad' has got a couple of 4 1/2" lengths of 1" diameter ASTM B, Grade 5: Ti-6AL-4V for sale on the marketplace. He has had no offers at a price that is half what one would pay from ( example ) 'Online metals'. I suspect that quite a few members have not seen the ad. I have no idea if I...
  16. Anglepoise

    It's about time !!

    I like side switches and at last we have a small, single cell, mass produced LED light that is about the size of a Nuwai Q3 and has the switch where it should be. And under $40.00. For more info, go here 'Link' Usual disclaimer. I have nothing to do with this store. Just like the concept.
  17. Anglepoise

    Any observations on extended use of Seoul P4??

    I am looking for feedback from members that have modded their lights to Seoul P4 but have also got some serious use out of the lights so that they would be in a position to comment on any tint issues or other problems that might or might not have surfaced. I have read some posts about...
  18. Anglepoise

    Another way to isolate a P4 emitter base??

    Here is another method for consideration. In the past, my preferred method of using an LED was as a bare emitter, as opposed to a star or round board. My logic was that there would be a better transmission of heat with the minimum of glued or soldered surfaces. This worked fine for Lux III’s...
  19. Anglepoise

    Re: Airbus A380 makes Wired Vaporware'06:)

    Re: Airbus A380 makes Wired Vaporware'06:) Deleted
  20. Anglepoise

    Happy Christmas to members that hang on MMM.

    My favorite area of CPF has to be Materials/Mechanical/Machining. It's my home and I feel comfy here. A very happy Christmas to you all and all the best in '07.