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    furthest and brighest thower

    I am looking for a new thrower must throw a nice bright hotspot 250 to 300 yards or enought to see whats at that distance. I own the XLR250 and A9 aspherical and there fine lights I just want more power and a larger hotspot then the aspherical produces and brighter. Was looking at the A10 and...
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    Tiablo A9 dissable

    hey folks I want to remove the Low mode from my A9 any help would be awesome Joe
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    light choice any good

    anyone know anything about this light reviews seem to be good at dealer LumaPower IncenDio V3+ LED Flashlight w. Cree R5 350 lumens can also get the GT head and ext for battery Joe
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    wanted light Bright and large hotspot

    Ok folks my brother need some light in his life he is looking for a LED flashlight with a big hotspot meaning he wants a ton of light or all the usable light in a 3 foot radius needs it to throw around 20 yards distance and be blinding bright hotspot. and help? he doesnt build like I do so it...
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    all purpose flashlight

    Hey folks I'm a Throwjunkie as my name implies most of my lights are throw. I am looking for a very nice middle of the road throw/ flood light. I am looking for high lumen as I need it to be super bright. 1 or 2 18650 cells. I need flood at a fair distance say 30-50 yards of masive bright bright...