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  1. Mr_Light

    Looking for SS P60 host (18650 and 2 CR123) or plastic? Needs to be reliable but!

    I have three of the NEXTORCH lights bought from blastertool running three different LED drop-ins with 18650s. Just don't try running any hot running LED drop-ins, since there is little thermal dissipation.
  2. Mr_Light

    Buying advice for "emergency" light.

    Aside from the usual suspect you mentioned above, I just received the following 3AA light from Kai that has very good throw with decent sidespill, tailstands and most important a simple Hi-Med-Lo UI (no strobes or SOS). UltraFire CREE Q5 MCU-C88 3-Mode(black)(3*AA) SKU: S009365 Price...
  3. Mr_Light

    Zebralight is going to come out with flashlights! part 2

    Just ordered this cheap Zebralight clone I will update with my impressions.
  4. Mr_Light

    4xAA Flashlight

    Just bought one of these from Kai for $32.43. Nice build quality, compact, incredible throw (with usable sidespill), Hi-Med-Low (no strobe!!!), tail stands, quite heavy.
  5. Mr_Light

    XYZ Adjustable Light Stand Holder for Small 123 Lights?

    Universal Clamp Mount for Tripods (Holds up to 3.8cm Thick Objects)...
  6. Mr_Light

    What are the best "C" cell LED flashlights?

    Lumapower Mentor
  7. Mr_Light

    Has Quark Usurped the Fenix LD/PD Thunder?

    Re: Has Quark Stolen the Fenix LD/PD Thunder? This one issue was the one reason I switched from Fenix to a Quark.
  8. Mr_Light

    New Titanium Fenix

    This is the reason I switched from my P1D (with Leef Body) to a Quark. What is so hard about providing a driver that can properly handle the RCR voltage! I really prefer the Fenix UI starting on medium.
  9. Mr_Light

    Forgotten lights!

    When we have a power outage I dig into the drawer-o-lights and grab a handful to tailstand around the house. They also make good loaners.
  10. Mr_Light

    Running costs: Quark AA vs 123

    I EDC a Quark 123 with an AW RCR123. I like the much brighter max output than I can get versus a AA Eneloop which was my first Quark configuration. I keep a spare RCR123 in the charger (not a trickle charger) and swap cells about once a month. The smaller size and lighter cell helps for an...
  11. Mr_Light

    Fenix and rcr123's

    I used to EDC a P1D, but changed to a Quark because I wanted LOW modes with rcr123's.
  12. Mr_Light

    iTP A6 Polestar thread

    I would love to see a picture of the A6 next to a Fenix TK40 for size comparison.
  13. Mr_Light

    Near identical TK40 clone at Kai

    Is there nothing that Fenix can do about such an obvious copy? CREE MC-E 3-Mode Flashlight (8*AA) SKU: S008916
  14. Mr_Light

    found: Looking for a small cheap light that could run fom 12V

    Re: Looking for a small cheap light that could run fom 12V It is tiny (under 2 inches wide) plastic and lighter than any aluminum drop-in I have seen.
  15. Mr_Light

    found: Looking for a small cheap light that could run fom 12V

    Re: Looking for a small cheap light that could run fom 12V How about one of these? 12V MR11-6SMD Whitelight Lamp SKU: S008730 Price: $6.91 These are quite bright although obviously all flood. I have a couple of these hooked up...
  16. Mr_Light

    Quark AA not quite 14500 compatible

    Among the cheaper 14500 protected cells I see a significant variation in length between brands and models within brands. I think 4Sevens may want to specify a maximum length for 14500 cells to be used in Quarks. I would be very surprised to see variations in the length of AW cells. These blue...
  17. Mr_Light

    The Quark lights thread! (Part 5)

    I haven't tried the AW 14500s, but the following Trustfire cells are short enought to tighten all the way down. Note I also tried the Trustfire cells with flames on them and they are too long.
  18. Mr_Light

    Good flashlight for wheelchair

    Velcro universal light mounts In-Line Universal Nylon Mount for Flashlights and Lasers Price: $2.21 90 Degree mount Bicycle Lights Cramp SKU: S006357 Our's Price: $2.28 These are...
  19. Mr_Light

    Good flashlight for wheelchair

    I bet Craig Johnson who created and maintains the LED Museum web site might have some suggestions. He has reviewed thousands of lights and he drives a wheel chair.
  20. Mr_Light

    The Quark lights thread! (Part 4)

    Re: Which Quark to buy? AA or 123? If the size difference doesn't matter, get the QuarkAA. You can get the brightness of the 123 by using a 14500 cell and still have the flexiblity to run it on Alk or NiMH AA cells. I bought an additional 123 body to go with my QuarkAA and can switch around...