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    PWM drivers? Help me please.

    Hey, I got a little technical question. If a PWM driver on 100% is direct drive, 50% LED brightness would be achieved by pulsating the voltage to achieve the correct amount of average voltage. What happens if my batteries are so depleted that my direct drive mode is basically as bright as the...
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    Advice on 18650 light needed

    Hi, I haven't been following the flashlight scene for quiet some time and I'm amazed to see how many 1x18650 lights are out now with close to 1000 lumens. In fact there are so many on the market now, that I don't even know what to buy. Maybe you can help me out. Here's what I'm looking for: -...
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    Quality laptop batteries?

    Hi, I'm looking for a replacement battery for my Dell Latitude laptop. Usually you have the choice between super expensive Dell batteries or the china aftermarket stuff, which sometimes doesn't even have half of the capacity of the Dell one. Isn't there a manufacturer out there that actually...
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    Dive light?

    Hey Vinh, have you have thought about building a high lumen dive light? Cooling wouldn't be a real problem anymore and high lumen dive lights are expensive as hell. I'd take one from you in an instant. :D
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    Anyone still making Quad XP-G dropins?

    Hi there, I acquired a custom made quad XP-G dropin from VanIsleDSM a long time ago. It's still the best dropin I ever had and I have never needed anything else since I got it. It seems like that VanIsle ist not active anymore and I'm desperately looking for similar performing P60 dropins. Can...
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    Which cells to use?

    Hey, I ordered a Cree diving light from china. Now that I've recieved it, I doubt that it is properly sealed and I'm a bit worried about my cells being shortened. Should I use LiMn or protected Li-Ion cells to be safe ? (just in case...) Regards Tobias
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    No love for the RRT-3 XML?

    Hi there, I'm just wondering why there's no active thread or any review about the RRT-3 tripple XML. Is it because it just has upgraded emitters and other lights like the Tiny Monster are completely new and fancy? I got a good offer from my local dealer and I'm trying to find a good...
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    4x18650 in Mag 2D

    Hi, is it possible to get 4 18650 to work in series in a Mag 2D? If yes, is anyone offering the service at the moment to mod it?
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    Unscientific runtime test MNKE IMR vs. Trustfire 2400mAh

    Hi there, I just did a runtime test with a Moddoo triple drop-in in a Solarforce L2P host respectively a FM 26650 host. The host was put into a deep freezer while testing. Just wanted to share my results. I'll add a AW 2600mAh later. MNKE 26650 IMR (orange) Resting Voltage before 4.15V Resting...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Mac's Customs EDC SST-50

    Hi there! I'm looking for a Mac's Customs EDC SST-50 2.8A Aluminium preferable 4500K. Should be either a shelf queen or really be babied if carried. LichtAn! :wave:
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    1550mA Triple XP-G with a single cell?

    Hi, I'm wondering if it makes any sense using a 1550mA over a 1100mA triple XP-G LUX RC board when using a single cell? My Moddoo triple gives about 2.7A current draw at the tail. Will there be any improvement with the new boards?
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    Which 26650 cells?

    Hi, I just bought a 26650 host and I'm planning to use a 5.6A drop-in in it. Now I got two choices of batteries. 4000mAh IMR from lighthound or the new 4Sevens protected 26650 with 3900mAh. Do you think there will be any noticebale difference in output with these two cells? If not of course I'd...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Fivemega 2x26500 Host

    Hi there, if anyone has a host to sell, please pm me. :wave:
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    IR thermometer misleading numbers?

    Hi there, I bought an IR thermometer a few months ago and measured some emitter temps while running a flashlight. While some lights give some reasonable numbers others are just ?scary? I measured my Moddoo Triple with a single AW 2600 cell. Current draw is at 2.6A with a fresh cell. The...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Fivemega 1x26500 Host

    Hi, I'm looking for a Fivemega D26 1x26500 Host. A McClicky switch installed would also be very nice. :wave:
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    Measurements of McClicky switch?

    Could someone give me the exact diameter of a McClicky switch please? I'd like to know if it fits my Dereelight host. Thank you!
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    Switch and Drop-In for Dereelight CL1H V4

    Hi, I have a CL1H host sitting right next to me and I'm looking for a good drop-in. There are lots of nice tripple and quad XP-G drop-ins on the sales forum, so I'm thinking about getting on. Will the standard P60 drop-ins fit the host? And what clicky to use?
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Download Pocket Rocket Alu

    If anyone is in desperate need of me. :thumbsup: