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  1. mr.lumen

    NEW most powerful lights availbale

    i was hoping for some guidance on where to find the most powerful lights on the market. i was looking for posts on comparisons of the new big bruiser lights out but have had no luck like in the past. i have been out of the game for quite some time. i saw an ad for the fenix tk35 ue with a new...
  2. mr.lumen

    hey guys! i need some help

    i have been out of the game for a while and want to make a big purchase. i am very interested in the olight sr95s ut. it seems to be one of the best throwers which is what i am looking for. but my only concern is that it came out about a year ago :-/ does anyone know if there is anything that...
  3. mr.lumen

    led replacement.

    not sure exactly where to post this but i wanted to see the cost for someone to change an led out of a veleno 38dd or quantum ti. with led supplied or without. thank you! might also need trits removed and replaced...
  4. mr.lumen

    Sold/Expired WTB ti la petite killer

    anybody have one they are willing to part ways with? id be willing to pay a good price for it :) thanks guys
  5. mr.lumen

    Sold/Expired WTB quantum ti 38dd or 40dd

    well i thought i did enough information on understanding the specs on all of the veleno lights but apparently i have not. so what im looking for would be the same as the quantum d2 except in titanium. the 38mm, the two trits, the xpg2 emitter, and it being made from titanium are the properties i...
  6. mr.lumen

    best key-chain sized light

    i have looked and the last thread i found about this was in 2009. i was wondering if there were any new bad *** key chain lights on the market i have been out of the game for about a year. i have the twisty peak eiger 10180. i am looking for something that size range but brighter. price is not...
  7. mr.lumen


    i have been scouring the internet trying to find a reliable taser flashlight combo. anyone have any suggestions. id really like to hear how the taser its self works. most reviews i read say its reliable and sounds scary but none of them actually used them...
  8. mr.lumen

    hey guys! i just got an arcmania x6

    while it is impressive i fell like for its size it could be putting out more light. i was just wondering if anyone knew how to get in touch with mike of arcmania or if anyone is capable of switching out the old oster 6 die led it has and putting in an appropriate driver to push like an sst90 or...
  9. mr.lumen

    ITS OFFICIAL! i have issues.

    i was out of the country for 2 months, this is what happens when i have a bank card and an internet connection. 60 packages over 5000 dollars! flashlights, batteries, parts, and whatchamacallits. i binged, bad. haha...
  10. mr.lumen

    please help!

    i was wondering if anyone knew of a us site that sells the xml u3 1c tint led. i need it by the 7th of nov for a custom build i found it here at but shipping takes 2-4 weeks :-( any help would be greatly appreciate! thanks guys
  11. mr.lumen

    jhanko d10 reflector size.

    i wanted to buy a different reflector for a jhanko d10 but i do not have the light on me and wont for a few weeks. i was trying to get the purchase of the reflector out of the way now. does anyone happen to have one and could measure the reflector for me??? i need depth, led whole diameter and...
  12. mr.lumen

    white switch boot?

    Has anyone seen any? Maybe to fit like a surefire c2? Thanks!
  13. mr.lumen

    does anybody cerakote?

    i just need one light done, possibly 2. white, and orange or purple. and not bugsy because he is still trying to get caught up with his previous jobs and id like this to be done by nov 16th if possible. thanks guys!
  14. mr.lumen

    wondering if anyone could bore my surefire c2

    and id like it to be able to fit a 18mm 18650 and also how much it would cost. thanks!
  15. mr.lumen

    Sold/Expired WTB jhanko's D10

    absolutely love his lights. im specifically looking for one of d10 with the blue trit one and with a clip. im pretty specific on the type i want but please let me know if you have one and want to sell it so we can see if were a match thanks!
  16. mr.lumen

    looking for the brightest tri xml light tm11 sized.

    i know the tm15 just dropped. and the tn30 has been out but is brighter than the tm15. i thought there was another company that had a tm11 style light in the works. and has anyone used the tm15 yet? maybe beamshots compared to the tn30 or tm11. thanks!
  17. mr.lumen

    What's better, a triple or quad xpg2 dropin?

    im talking about usable runtime before it over heats and total OTF lumens. any thoughts?
  18. mr.lumen

    best quad xp-g2 p60 dropin

    just saw optics bored for trits for a quad xpg dropin. i want to know if anyone is offering quad xpg2 dropins. thanks guys!
  19. mr.lumen

    Keeppower 18650 3400mAh

    does anyone know where to get any of these amazing cells yet? all i find are bulk 100 minimum orders on sites. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks guys.
  20. mr.lumen

    smallest xp-g2 light out now?

    has any company started selling small lights (single 123as or smaller) with this led? the advantages are so great i dont know why they wouldnt. i havnt been able to find any.