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    7ah SLA replacement

    Can I slap something like this into a cheap 35watt HID spotlight to replace the 7ah SLA that I keep forgetting to charge until a month after I run it to cutoff voltage? It would be lighter and only twice the price of the SLA.
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    Easiest to drop in heatsink

    Which heatsink is pretty foolproof for a 2C maglite? I want to run a single emitter MC-E and DD it with 2 Li-Ion. Thnaks
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    Lithium Ion questions

    I am checking out the latest in electric cars and am curious The Tesla car is claiming 50K miles/ 5 years to 70% capacity on their battery packs. I always see Lithium Ions considered "dead" after 80% is reached. I assumed it was...
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    Total clean lathe

    I am gonna strip down my lathe and clean everything cause I have never done it before AND it spent a few weeks at my "friends" house and has some staining, possibly had some rust that was wiped off. With this chance I am wondering what is the best solvent to use that is not to volatile and...
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    New CFL bulb is dim

    I just bought a 65W CFL and only the first ring of the bulb is fully lit the rest of them are dim. I doubt it is putting out the 3900 lumens it is supposed to. Do these larger bulbs need a break-in time or should I take it back to the store for an exchange.
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    wall wart for LaCrosse BC700

    I broke the prong off of my wall wart and am wondering if there is a replacement out there for a decent price or should I just consider the charger "parts"
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    AAA LSD help

    I have a remote that burns through these Duracell LSD cells pretty fast. (A month or so) So I am going to buy another 4 to have on standby and am wondering 1. With a 1 month discharge, is LSD cells the ones I need? 2. The Duracell LSD AAA's with a white top are the same as eneloops? 3. What...
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    Vital Gear?

    Are there any more small 1 cell e-series compatible bodies available at a decent price? I have a spare SF head I am looking to match with a body.
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    Belt sander mod question

    Does anyone know of a good way to mod this belt sander to slow it down 3x or so? Obviously a smaller pulley will work as would some electrical modification but I'm not sure which is easier. I have a lathe so in theory I...
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    Kitchen use- Paring Knife vs. Pocket Knife

    I just bought a very nice chef's knife and am now getting the itch to buy paring knife. before I got the chef's knife I was using a pocket knife for everything and am wondering why a knife like this is better than a pocket...
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    Sold/Expired FiveMega 6AA->2D with 6 eneloops $39 shipped

    Comes with the 6 eneloops that are basically brand new. Very few cycles on them, probably under 10. if you use paypal you need to add 4% and the shipped price is only for USA buyers.
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    Computer upgrade advice

    Which do you think would net more real world speed for MS office, browser users that have multiple users and all of these aps running at the same time. 1. Moving froma 7200RPM HDD to a 10Krpm both using SATA 3.0 2. Moving from the single core Athlon64 to a Core 2 Quad.
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    How to wire automotive LEDs, and which LED for brakes

    I need to rewire my farm trailer and was thinking of using LEDs. The reason is these trailers are always breaking their lights because of livestock breaking them directly and from the fact that much work is done around them. I was wondering: In my experience autos have around 12.5V when...
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    ROP HOLA vs P7 at 2.8 amps

    Would a P7 compare in output to a ROP? Would you need 2 P7's to equal or exceed it? ROP Hi is ~30 watts and each P7 is about 7 or so so I am curious how it works out in the real world with all of these crazy lumen figures given.
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Custom L4 Cree emitter swap

    Looking for labor prices for swapping the LuxV in my L4 with a Cree MC-E. Please include the breakdown of how much for labor and how much for the LED unless you want me to provide it. Want it to be in a 2S2P config with everything else stock, no need to focus the reflector, just a solid hookup...
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    Sold/Expired AW C cell maglite ext, Eneloops, and Accupower Evolutions

    1 c cell extender - $10 3 packs of Accupower Evolutions - $30 - sold to Nitroz 2 packs of Eneloops - $18
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    Sold/Expired ROP 2D with FIVEMEGA 2D->6A Eneloops

    Selling this flashlight with FiveMega battery holder and Eneloops. The cells have less than 3-4 cycles on them and I think only one cycle with the ROP Hi bulb I did to check runtime. Also includes glass lens and metal reflector. Will ship for $85 or without the 2D mag for $75. +4% for...
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    3 generations of e1L correct?

    Sorry I know this is old news but there have been 3 different e1L right? 1st was the with the TIR KL1 Second was with the Cree Thied added low level
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    LuxV vs MC-E questions

    The LuxV was setup in a 2S2P config correct? So any driver that will work for a LuxV will also work for a Cree MC-E in a 2S/2P setup? How different will the heat sink need to be going from the LuxV to the MC-E?
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    Prepare for no power? Here are suggestions

    OK so possibly you have a genny but even so if it isn;t big enough to run your whole house circuit you will be needing flashlights for nighttime lighting. I am really glad I dumped my quality over quantity viewpoint over a year ago. While the L4 and E2DL were awesome, I needed at least 10...