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    TEST: Armytek Wizard Pro XPL HD Warm - How HOT Can It Be?

    I recently tested several returned headlamps from my customers for warranty claims, mostly driver related problems. I had a chance to thermal test one which functions OK, but has a bulging button problem. Because some people still wondering if the thermal protection is there or not. Here's the...
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    What voltage and CCT would you like for Nichia NV4x144Ax

    I will buy those LED in bulk quantity for my own project. But I have the option to order different colour temperature with the same LED. Just in case any of you interested, please vote for your favourite colour in the post's poll (above the #1 post). Note: I will order the Ra9050 version only...
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    Revolution in Armytek?

    Hi AT, Haven't check the website for quite sometimes, I just noticed that now ALL your product's are undergone re-specification. For example: Predator Pro XPL HI beam distance previously 540m; 72.000cd now adjusted to a more realistic 439m; 47.750cd. Barracuda Pro beam distance previously 950m...
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    NEW Nichia emitters NV4W144AR/AM

    Hi guys, I just knew Nichia launched the 5 x 5mm 6V and 12V array emitters. And in my opinion they're VERY NICE! Look at these links: 12V: 6V...
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    Very high conductivity thermal adhesive alternatives

    As far as I remember 9 w/mk transfer rate is considered to be superior for adhesives. Sometimes we need to bond the MCPCB directly to the heatsink because no other feasible methods. I'm not talking about liquid metals or solder, just adhesives such as epoxies or glue. With proper surface area...
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    Need help finding Ledil Optics

    Hi Guys, I need to buy Ledil C13896_STRADA-SQ-FS in small quantity. I couldn't find any retailer sell this type. Some needs huge quantity or not in stock. The product link is here...
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    [BEAMSHOTS] Olight M2X-UT, Armytek Predator Pro LE v.3, Prime Pro C2, Wizard Pro v.3

    It's rare to find recent beamshots for Armytek Predator LE Pro v.3. So now I'm posting it :wave: There are 78 high resolution pictures but, most people would only interested in the max mode. If I post them all in here I might get yelled again for being a bandwidth robber just like at the other...
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    Recommendation for a good quality adjustable DC power supply

    Guys, I need help to buy a new good quality adjustable DC bench power supply for LED testing. It’s to replace my worn DIY super inefficient one. 30V-10A should be the starting spec, right? Any recommendation and/or links would be great. Many thanks, Clemence
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    94 CRI (minimum) in a standard 5mm DIP LED form!!

    It's time to mod the tiny 5mm LED in those power bank! Rated at 7-8 lumen.
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    Cree's Gen-2 facts - More efficient but shorter life

    I just read the Cree's published document about the lumen maintenance and found that ALMOST all their newer generation LED performs better efficacy with shorter life span. For example: the popular XP-G2 average to have 20% better efficiency in brightness and power consumption (according to...
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    High CRI High colour temperature

    Today I just read Cree's XHP70 data sheet and saw that they have bin for 7000K @ 90CRI. I've never seen such LED before. How its look like? We're getting used to perceive high CRI LED with reddish colour temp. I saw Yuji LED advertised that they have it (high temp, high CRI). I'm wondering how...
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    Another idea to extract more light out of the TIR optics equipped lights

    Perhaps we're all already know that even the best TIR optics always leaked (the light rays pass through to the side rather than collimated to the desired direction). And also the air gap between the LED primary optic (dome) also reduce the light by 8% (according to Avago's research). That's why...
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    Sold/Expired I need to buy Ledil CA13752 optics

    Hi guys, Do you know where can I get this optics in small to medium quantity? Details of the item: Many thanks, Clemence
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    Redesigning 12V T10 LED bulb

    Recently I bought several LED bulbs from Ebay. They're cheap and uses Cree's emitter in it. I knew they're not to be expected to last just like any other cheap China products. I was just curious about the design and they're good toys for me. Sometimes you can get a superior product just by...
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    Is RLT increase LED die temperature?

    OK, I guess almost anyone here now knows about Wavien and the technology they keep so expensively. They say that the Light recycling collar (RLT) won't increase the LED tempearature, is it true? About two years ago I made a posting when I had a project for some art galleries in Indonesia. I made...
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    Looking for someone from CPF

    Hi guys, Do anyone knows who's HKequipment in this forum? I know he's here using another nickname. I remember getting involved in a conversation and I saw him posted here. I need to discuss few things about the headlamp with him. Thanks, Clemence
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    Guys I've found a CHEAP, high efficacy, bright, plug and play light bulb!!!

    Several days ago I was shopping in local Ace hardware store and found this bulb: 800lumen at 10watt, warm or cool white available for +/- $10 each!!!! This is a breakthrough here in my country because the closest match to it is philips Lumileds and it costs +/- $35 to get the same efficacy as...
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    Where to get Cree CXA2540 online?

    Hi guys, I need information about where to buy Cree's CXA2540 online? These aren't very popular for DIYers (yet), and requires me to buy in bulk quantity. I only need to buy 5-10pcs. Thanks, Clemence
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    Finally, < 4 degrees optics for XML

    HI guys, Check this out: They also supply the bolt on diffusers for their hybrid reflectors. That makes switching from tight to flood very easy. But I'd prefer Luminit's AR coated diffusers. Hope this is useful for...
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    Finally, less than 4 degree optics for XML

    Guys, Check this out: I hope this is useful for those XML lover. Gaggione also supply the bolt on diffussers for their hybrid reflectors. But I'd prefer to use AR coated diffusers from Luminit Cheers, Clemence