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  1. Chief-Yeah

    Sold/Expired WTB : wvaltakis2 TiFli Light

    title says it all . . . any make and model wanted !! I just now became aware of these and when I first laid eyes on a TiFli I knew it was the light for me.I've been searching for the firefli type one for years. I have no idea how I missed the sales of these . . . but I did . . . please help !!
  2. Chief-Yeah

    Flashlight/Magnet Effect

    :stupid: Please forgive my ignorance but I've just recently been contemplating adding a pico pen to my survival keyring and the pen has a small but somewhat powerful magnet which holds the cap on so it seems to cling to anything residing next to it. On the same key ring I also have a Ti Draco so...
  3. Chief-Yeah

    Wanted:Modder for Streamlight Sidewinders

    title says it all,I'm looking for someone to upgrade a couple of streamlight sidewinders for me.I really like the design of this light but from what I've read elsewhere streamlight really dropped the ball on this one and as a result it falls far short of it's potential.So what I'd like,if it's...
  4. Chief-Yeah

    Solar Cap Light

    found this while surfing last night,just thought I'd share
  5. Chief-Yeah

    Draco Batteries

    I just recently purchased a Ti Draco and would like to purchase the Li-Ion batteries used in the light w/o the extension tube which I believe are 10280's if my research is correct.Links anyone,thx.
  6. Chief-Yeah

    Best Batteries ???

    I just received my two recently purchased McG Ti S27/PD-S lights :rock: and would just like to know what battery choices might be considered best brand/runtime wise and the best place online to get them.
  7. Chief-Yeah

    Is there such .....

    a thing as a stainless damascus flashlight ? Has anyone ever attempted to make one ? If not would you care too ?
  8. Chief-Yeah

    Sold/Expired WTB Ti Mule-PD

    I'm looking for a like new Non-Mizer Ti Mule-PD w/GrnH3,(CC PP Only) FYI-I will not pay any more than 10% over original cost.Thanks.
  9. Chief-Yeah

    Sold/Expired WTB Ti S27-PD GrnH3

    title says it all.If anyone is having second thoughts and the price is right I might be willing to take one off your hands.Just so you know I won't pay more than 10% above the original asking price.(CC-PP only)