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  1. RCatR

    REBELLiON Is Born (a.k.a. M963-KL2)

    Milky, I need to stop posting after 1am :ohgeez:
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    Small light bar ( work in progress)

    What are you using for a strobe circuit? I've been wanting to build something similar for a while
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    REBELLiON Is Born (a.k.a. M963-KL2)

    To protect the innocent I can't release any names; and because it was so late I rushed it out without the chance of proper photos. I've PM'd the owner and suggested posting nice photos but here we go..... 2.2KLumens; 5 custom rebel .3" flood reflectors; 5 minimagLED reflectors; Mcr17 trimmed; 2...
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    Sold/Expired Temporarily closed: 1C Aspheric Maglites **Now with beamshots**

    Lexina-I've added you onto the list in the solutions thread Starfiretoo-I've got your light pack&ready to go; It will be headed out tomorrow on my lunch break Mikeyx-That's my old adress, I'm on East Main in Rochester now. Could you please remove the street section from your post? I don't...
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    Sold/Expired Temporarily closed: 1C Aspheric Maglites **Now with beamshots**

    First and foremost: I have messed up and I apologize I want to make this work, and I've opened up a thread here to get this mess sorted out
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    Sold/Expired Temporarily closed: 1C Aspheric Maglites **Now with beamshots**

    I'm sorry for the delays, anyone who wants a refund will be issued one. Allow me to elaborate: This summer has been hell; we have gone through 2 tractors, one car, and on top of all that my father has a hernia which has me over at the farm nearly every day to help him lift things that are over...
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    What's the ProPoly of rifles? **Got a Marlin 980S!** **IT'S EXCELLENT!**

    Re: What's the ProPoly of rifles? Go with tried & true: Yugo m48 (or any other good-condition mauser) Bolt-action, uses 8x56mm ammo; around $200 and next to an SKS is the definition of reliability (I've pushes 100's of rounds through both an SKS and mauser; I have had 0 jams and every shot...
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    [email protected] batteries for dummies

    I'm going to get flamed for this but here goes: 4D mag, running primaries or NIMH's Use 3 leds with the following optics: 27mm, and 2x17mm Grab some of the ebay 36cp 5mm leds and frost them; stick a few in between the reflectors to give you some up close spill. As for a driver, I'd say go...
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    Cree or SSC at 1500mA?

    Not trying to start a flame war; but I built two lights running the same bin into 3C mags; driven at 1.43A and they're still working to this day
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    My sister is hospitalised again. :(

    I've had friends with similar hospitalizations; Just stay supportive & let her know what you care about her. If she doesn't want to talk about it, don't prod too much Hope everything turns out well
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    AAAAA!!!! I hate driver boards

    To remove epoxy: Put on a gas mask(seriously) Go outside(with a breeze) Put a little rubbing alcohol onto the epoxy in question Light Once the alcohol has burned off the top layer of epoxy should be gooey, scape and repeat.
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    Do LSD cells retain their LSD after many years/cycles?

    I honestly don't know anyone who would hang onto some LSD for more than a couple weeks, MAX:tinfoil:
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    How do you back up your computer data?

    I do manual backups to this monster: Isolated from water, shock, sunlight, and more!. The PSU is arctic alumina'd to the can wall for better heatsinking, and the switch/circuit board is mounted&potted with 2ton epoxy. The power cord, USB cord, and PCMCIA card all fit inside. Grab your files...
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    Polishing E2D crenulated bezel

    You've got it right on the stripping, I prefer 25% lye(strips within seconds) but to each his own.... As for a sating finish; the longer you let it soak in a lye-based cleaner the rougher the finish will get. So constantly monitoring it in the bath will probably get you the satin look you...
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    Carbon-Zinc Batteries - Still Useful?

    Old Cameras. I've got a 1972 Yashica TL Electro; which takes 2 mercury batteries(2.7v) Supposedly if you feed it alkalines the over-voltage(usually 3.3) burns up the light meter. Suppodely CZ batteries have low enough of a discharge that they won't do this. I'm thinking of making an adapter...
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    Any way to switch the emitter on a MagLED module?

    You can do a straight switch; at the expense of brightness(from heat buildup) Or you can do a full blown conversion from a regular mag using an anodised DHS(D heat sink); seoul P4, and standard 3 cell maglite
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    Friday the 13th Hits Home

    Glad to head you're okay! Bike crashes are way too often fatal:shakehead
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    LED Explosion!

    Some idiots in a high school class hooked up one to a 220v line....went off like a firecracker and left a black mark on the asbestos table. These were the same guys who would hook up to the 110v test bench(had a safety trip) and tap each other's/their own arms onto two bare leads to make their...