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  1. Dakine234

    Sold/Expired FS: DatiLED CR2 custom light and Mcgizmo 119 LE

    This beautiful light and piece of CPF history is a DatiLED custom in excellent condition, purchased direct. The light has been pocket carried on occasion, but there are no imperfections to be found. The light is a CR2 sized host with a Mcclicky switch, blue O rings and matching tail boot. LE is...
  2. Dakine234

    Current/New LEDs (advice for Lunasol emitter upgrade)

    Aloha everyone, Recently purchased a lunasol and plan to have it modified. I’m curious as to what LEDs are newer and if you have recommendations for a mule and reflector LED. My cure t plan is Nichia 219c for the mule and XPL Hi for the reflector. Haven’t been keeping up with the new led...
  3. Dakine234

    Thorfire TD26 Flashlight review (dive light / EDC light)

    I was approached by Phoebe over at Thorefire asking if I was interested in reviewing their new Thorfire TD26 flashlight and I was more than happy to oblige. The light is a 100% waterproof light marketed as a dive light/EDC light. I will be reviewing it as a dive light and as an EDC light as two...
  4. Dakine234

    Sold/Expired WTB: E series head (natural) for lego light

    Aloha everyone, ISO an E series head for a lego light in putting together. Not quite sure exactly what I'm looking for, but I'd like it to be a shorter head, simile to fivemegas mini turbo head or a triple surefire. Please lmk what you have! Mahalo in advance 🤙🏼
  5. Dakine234

    Sold/Expired WTB: User or New Muyshondt Maus in Ti or Cu

    Aloha everyone Looking to purchase a Muyshondt Maus in Ti or Cu, preferably used but open to new. I have potential trades and cash. If you have one youʻre willing to part with please let me know! Mahalo!!
  6. Dakine234

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Muyshondt Aeon MKi Aluminum

    Muyshondt Aeon MKi in HAIII black aluminum up for sale. Perfect working condition, flawless transition between modes. Has been used, only wear is on the front of the bezel, slight silvering where the anodizing wore off. Any questions please ask! Comes with the lipstick container. Asking...
  7. Dakine234

    Sold/Expired FOUND Muyshondt Aeon MKI or MKII in Titanium

    Looking for a Ti Aeon MKI or MKII. If anyone has one please let me know! I have a MKI black with an XRE LED to trade with cash if youʻd like that instead of just cash. Mahalo!
  8. Dakine234

    Sold/Expired FS: Surefire Minimus headlamp

    Surefire minimum headlamp in like new condition, got it for Christmas but have never used it. No scratches, imperfections or damage in any way. Asking $110 shipped (US), Open to any offers so please feel free to pm! Seller Notes/Info *First come first serve, please indicate you want the item by...
  9. Dakine234

    Sold/Expired FS: Drop in tri-edc engine Nichia 219b

    A triple engine up for sale, removed from my Macs tri-edc, no memory. Modes are low, medium and high. Only sold because I purchased one with a moonlight setting. Any questions please shoot me a PM. Asking $50 shipped (US), Open to any offers as well. Seller Notes/Info *First come first serve...
  10. Dakine234

    Sold/Expired SOLD: BitZ CR123 Aluminum

    A very rare BitZ flashlight up for sale, I've carried this light sparingly and it is in excellent, like new condition, no imperfections in any way. There is excellent knurling on this light and it is similar in size to a muyshondt nautilus. Any questions please shoot me a PM. Asking $155 shipped...
  11. Dakine234

    Sold/Expired FS: 1 of 15 Photon Fanatic Tiny DLC Killer

    Aloha, Up for sale is a 1 of 15 Tiny DLC Killer by Photon Fanatic, details on the light can be found here (same light, just a DLC coating instead of the rainbow PVD). This light runs on a single AAA and is about the same size as a Mcgizmo Sapphire. Only reason for selling is I prefer my...
  12. Dakine234

    Sinners Cypreus Tri-EDC, Macs Custom Tri-EDC and Mcgizmo Mule Comparison (Pic heavy)

    Aloha everyone, Just picked up a Macs custom Tri-EDC and a Sinners Cypreus Tri-EDC and there seems to be a lot of questions that iʻve been getting regarding the two. Hopefully this thread will help some people with their questions regarding the lights. I have my beloved mcgizmo mule as a...
  13. Dakine234

    Replacement O-ring help (for Macs Tri-EDC)

    Aloha everyone, Just got a Macs custom Tri-edc (coming in tomorrow) and was told that the rear O-ring that goes around the rear clicky switch is missing. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement? Just looking for a plain black O-ring, preferably just one if i dont have to buy in bulk...
  14. Dakine234

    Sold/Expired WTB Macs Custom Tri-EDC in Titanium (also open to copper or brass)

    TI Tri-EDC found, mahalo CPF!!
  15. Dakine234

    RE: Advice on choosing a mule head for Mcgizmo

    RE: Advice on choosing a mule head for Mcgizmo Aloha, I've had my haiku (hi cri) for a couple of years and carry it daily, however i've been finding that having a mule head would be quite helpful and am looking for help choosing an emitter type. I really like the hi cri head, but want to see...