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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    No primary necessary, i have tested an AW IMR for the lower low sequence and it works flawlessly
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    But the L1 user interface is simpler, one push and thats it, and its more intuitive : more pressure, more light, also the button is (to me at least) a lot more comfortable to use and it can also engage when its pushed sideways, being mechanical it has some advantages but could be weaker than an...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    I just tried making a bigger circle of QTC material (a size almost identical to the identation on the top pill part on an Eiger) it works good too, but will have to see if it keeps like that in the coming days, hoping the QTC material is now wide enough to keep the discs parallel, and also by...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    Sure, sorry to leave the idea hanging and not explaining it. For the Peak Eiger QTC v2 i just slice in half (half the thickness) a new square of QTC material that goes inside the pill, so its left thinner but with the same surface. i take out the circle of QTC material that comes with the pill...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    Thanks for the info, after reading about this i tried it on my L1 and works perfectly, like r_x wrote, the result is very steady, and i can get it without failing, but making it constant by twisting is uncomfortable to do, in a relaxed situation the twist lowest is very doable too. interesting...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    Peak Logan generation 2 QTC with momentary switch, the 17500 body accepts AA, AAA, and any chemistry/voltage variation in those sizes, also available on 123 body size. Around 300 Lumens in high Even more portable with the same characteristics Peak Eiger second gen QTC AAA also with momentary...
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    Will beer hurt a flashlight-Olight SR 90?

    i dont think that there would be any damage at all to the light, only a little bit more bacteria growth, but if you want to make sure and that light is water resistant, why not run water over it? it will dissolve what is left of beer in there. Water is the best solvent we have.
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    Am I expecting too much from a light?

    +1 momentary switches are way more durable and reliable than a clicky, plus Peak´s are the toughest ones without being stiff to press, i find the Peak momentaries i have a are a lot more durable than my surefire L1 momentaries. Single mode Peaks with momentary have the sweetest operation force...
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    Is there a Mule type of light that is AA size????

    Dan I second the vote for the high low with a resistor, probably a pill like the QTC one or something similar, we have a poll running in the Peak subforum and sent you a PM to see if this is possible, i think it would be a total hit Peak owners, the QTC models have enough internal space in the...
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    XM-L in action(video included)

    it worked for me on a small-medium dog, though it was a 800+ Lumen drop in, but no, i wouldnt rely on it to deter animals attacking you, i did it because i didnt want to kick the dog that was going to attack me, it worked but, i was ready to kick too, since the light worked at a good distance i...
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    Longest Running light on low setting

    statistically that would be a minority, and even though its good to know your light could do it, you dont need to be in such a critical situation to find the feature useful, a few examples that apply for everyday uses: Navigating without disturbing others often Using a light to read very often...
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    i dont know what he is basing that on, but Surefire lights are very reliable by my experience and some other users that have posted tests with videos and pics and compared with a good percentage of other lights they are way above average, also less modes make it more reliable not only physically...
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    Is anything simple any more ?

    You could check out the HDS Clicky or the Rotary, both designed to be operated single handed, they have complex electronics, but very simple and easy operation, i think they can be mounted, one of the most reliable lights around. Peak makes single mode lights with a momentary, they make the...
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    Any AA lights that can take 3.6v AA?

    Peak Logan and El Capitan Quark AA Nitecore EZ AA ...
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    If you could only own 3 LED lights for the next 6 months - which 3 would you choose?

    - Peak Logan QTC 17500 (EDC): This could have been the Surefire L1 or the Nitecore EX10 before i met this light, it bests both in every category, much higher output than any of them, infinite variability, can reach the lowest low, QTC is efficient to run which means in low modes light runs a...
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    ---#1 EDC flashlight*Peak Logan QTC with momentary on/off -Pictures-Video

    Yes, any cell in AA size with voltage from 1V to 4.2V will run perfectly, in fact i prefer 17500 but 14500 will supply the same voltage to make it reach close to 300L, 17500 benefits in more runtime. Still plenty bright with Alkalines or NiMH. Theres an adapter coming to fit 123s in there...
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    College Student Flashlight

    I have handed the light to my girlfriend and a friend (a girl from university) who happens to be very thin and doesnt like sports or working out, both can operate the light to full, but at full they felt it was stiff to push, i asked if they would feel comfortable pushing it to full in an...
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    ---#1 EDC flashlight*Peak Logan QTC with momentary on/off -Pictures-Video

    No parasitic drain at all, QTC acts as electrical insulator when not compressed and as conductor when compressed.
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    AA Bug Out Bag Best Light?

    Good point, another reason for the Peak Logan, QTC doesnt have parasitic drain.
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    AA Bug Out Bag Best Light?

    I understand your point of view Tiggercat, and you might even never use it for its intended purpose, but if its a BOB, and that day comes to reality, the light you put in there must be as realiable as you can get, the Peak is and you can also set it to run on very low mode and some tests put it...