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    warmth of wood

    I think you should really use a different connector if you can. A wall cube style coaxial plug would be fine, and maybe some charge managing circuitry inside the light if you want to get fancy.
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    warmth of wood

    Very beautiful! The only thing I could imagine doing differently with the cosmetics is using brass for the metal handle and switch. It looks great either way of course. The charging connector looks like an IEC socket used for 3-wire 110 volt cords. You have the charging circuit inside the...
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    17,000 lumens of incan domination! Mag 6D 64656/64657 *Beamshots added*

    Re: 17,000 lumens of incan domination! Mag 6D 64656/64657 Woooaaaah!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:
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    CMG Micro, The smallest CR2 Flashlight in the world

    Wait, it's running the stock led and driver? Why stop with a CR2 in that case, instead of an N or even an SR44 coin cell? What did you do at the tail end--it looks like you cut the tube in the middle, then JB-welded the solid disc (with the old lanyard lug ground off) to the now open end...
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    How to remove a AMC7135 chip for REUSE?

    Normally for SMT rework you would use a hot air desoldering tool.
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    Build Log: '43' 7xXP-G

    The point of integrated packs is that they have all the charge balancing, voltage monitoring, thermal protection etc. built in. What is the charging strategy for the loose cells? Are you going to have multiple charge contacts on the light? Note that the integrated li ion packs usually have...
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    Build Log: '43' 7xXP-G

    You're going to use loose cells? I wonder if there is an integrated computer or camcorder or cordless tool pack that you could use, or even one of those RC lipo packs.
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    Am I crazy? Maglite Solitaire xp-g mod, @ 1.3Amps

    Yes, you are crazy, in just the way we like. So you've absolutely come to the right place. Welcome to CPF, and nice mod! :D
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    Build Log: '43' 7xXP-G

    Divelights just have a captive magnet in a track with a slider switch on top, I thought. The reed is inside the sealed tube at one end of the track and the magnet and switch are on the outside. The only reed light I've looked at though is the Nightstar shakelight, which is set up like that but...
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    Build Log: '43' 7xXP-G

    How about a reed switch like a dive light?
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    js's USL reanimation and revivification thread

    Triton and PS refund received, thanks Bill!!! :thumbsup:
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    Build Log: '43' 7xXP-G

    I think the version with flats looks a little nicer (more space-efficient and aerodynamic) but both are fine. I like the new renders since they're more realistic. I do wonder if there will be space for an arduino board in there, but since I'm the only one who cares about that even slightly...
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    Build Log: '43' 7xXP-G

    This is looking pretty neat. What's the development time frame?
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    Build Log: '43' 7xXP-G

    This is a different project than the twin light? Are these multi-Cree clusters worth the bother compared with an SST90 or the 4-die version (forgot number) these days?
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    " 6k " A Hybrid Flashlight/Searchlight 6k-10K Lumens with a CSM-360 "Luminus" Led

    Re: " 6k " A Hybrid Flashlight/Searchlight 6k-10K Lumens with a CSM-360 "Luminus" Led :wow: Would be interesting to use a standard laptop or camcorder battery, instead of those scary loose cells (protection or no protection). :paypal:
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    Fenix L0P Seoul Conversion Tutorial (w/ Pictures)

    Wow, I don't remember this old thread. I still have one of those modded L0P's I bought from you way back. I haven't used it recently but maybe I'll carry it tomorrow. There are times when I just want the simplicity of a small, single level light that's pretty bright, and the Seoul led is...
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    Integrated caving helmet light

    Magnetic reed switches?
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    Help - I want to power a 5 mm LED from 1.5V alkaline cell

    I got some Dorcy 1AAA lights from woot for about 3 bucks each shipped. It should be pretty easy to scrounge the circuit board from one and connect it to a D cell.
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    Build Log: Double Triple XP-G R5

    I mentioned on the other thread, it would be nice to be able to adjust the aim directions of the two clusters separately, so you could have a high and low beam like a car. But that only makes sense if there's a way to switch on just one cluster. At first I thought that would take two bflexes...