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    Dealextreme mini trit keychains

    Dealextreme has started carrying small (about 1/3 the size of a nite) tritium glowrings in white, yellow and green, for around $10 per. Looks like a clear acrylic body, standard split ring. Would be perfect for marking a tent or gear-bag zipper. I haven't seen a white keychain before. Heres the...
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    Best rechargeable 123s?

    I tried searching the forum, but I got way to many hits to figure this out. I'm planning on getting a P3D Q5, and I'd like to use rechargeable 123s in it. Fenix tactical is selling a Tenergy charger and 4 batteries, which would work well (2 in play, 2 charging etc.) I've never heard of...
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    A few P3D questions

    I've had my eye on a Fenix P2- or P3D for the last few weeks (probably one of the premium rebels, but I might go for the CE models). Anyway, I had a few questions - 1) I've been lead to believe that rechargble cr123's are not a great choice - they go to a high enough voltage that you lose the...
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    Fenix P2D models

    Help me out here - I'm looking at the various Fenix P2D models. There is at least one with a cree Q5, but the premium model has a luxeon rebel. Is this because the rebel can be pushed harder/gives more light initially, or is it that they just haven't released the cree version of the deluxe model...
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    Black Diamond Icon vs. Princeton tec Apex

    Which would you choose and why? My trusty Princeton Tec matrix (with the three 5mm whites) has finally bit the dust. My wife has a BD zenix and loves it, but now I need a new headlight, I *have* to go a step up (we wouldn't want to get them confused now, would we...). -Keith
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    DX shipping options

    Hi all. I'm getting ready to order my first DX laser (probably the cheap 50), and the not says not to use EMS shipping, if there is a chance of confiscation. What is EMS shipping, and is that my only option if I want free shipping as offered? -Keith
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    CD burner diodes to handheld laser

    OK, someone (please) walk me through this. I have a sony cd-burner that I pulled from my computer when I upgraded to a DVD burner. I gather from other posts that I can pull the diode from this and use it to make a hand held laser. I've been looking at old posts, but can someone put it all in...
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    Greenie Heals Cuts...Say what?

    I was browsing the Wicked website, and there was something on there about using 55mW and above lasers to "heal open cuts" (with "doctor's permission"). I assume that this is more accurately "Cauterize open cuts." Red is the opposite of green, so blood must absorb most of the energy from the...