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    Tenergy Universal Smart Chargers for Li-Ion/Polymer?

    What is the difference?
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    Li-Ion: mAh Vs. lifespan/quality???

    I'm on my way to order some 14.8V Li-Ion packs. I chose Li-Ion because they can handle cold temperatures. . 4x 2000mAh will cover my run time needs. Is there any point in paying more for 3 or 4, 2400 or 2600mAh instead...
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    Strong LED light with mounts for Helmet, Handlebar AND Headband?

    I need a LED light that is suitable for singletrac biking. Horseriding and XC skiing. Is there any stong Led light that have all 3 mount options. By strong I mean 2 or 3 LED lights with external batterys on extension cord like Princeton Tec Switchback modles and similar. /Gunnar
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    Oval / Oblong LED sub lenses and optics?

    Do anyone use them on bike lights? Are sub lenses any god on 3 LED optics? Is there any shots on an oval beam on the web? /Gunnar