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  1. olrac

    Sold/Expired SOLD!: Original run Ganp Griffin

    For Sale: Original run Ganp Griffin Mint condition Dark Gray HA III anodizing (from Modamags Last run) L.E. is Tri-flupic with Neutal XPG Includes additional 17670 tube (also Dark Gray HA III from Modamag run) Will include 17670 battery with plenty of life left. And a second...
  2. olrac

    Sold/Expired looking for a nice AL PD to buy

    read the title and please PM with offers
  3. olrac

    Sold/Expired WTB: Gotham

    Looking for a Gotham to replace the one lost in the exotic coatings run by Modamag. PM any offerings, Thanks
  4. olrac

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Titanium EX-10

    SOLD: Titanium EX-10, 1st generation EX-10 electronics, Q3-5A XRE Neutral White Emitter, White Tritium installed in piston, clip is titanium, 6AL-4V alloy Shelf Queen. also includes non crenelated titanium bezel too. $300 Shipped priority mail conus, insurance and international shipping...
  5. olrac

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Titanium bar stock

    SOLD: 12" long by 1.5" dia. 6AL-4V titanium bar stock. Was going to use for custom light but that is not going to happen now. $75.00 shipped Conus. Not responsible for lost damaged mail without insurance. PP or M.O.
  6. olrac

    Sold/Expired WTB: XR Can

    Looking for one XR Can, can be used. Maybe someone has one lying around that they have no use for anymore.
  7. olrac

    Sold/Expired Found: AMC7135 1400mAh Circuit Board

    Like the title says: Found: AMC7135 1400mAh Circuit Board, 1 or 2
  8. olrac

    Sold/Expired Sold:Sgt. Burkett XP-G R5 Price Drop

    Sold:Sgt. Burkett XP-G R5 Driven at 1.4A single stage, green glow emitter surround, very good throw, McR 20 S reflector mint shape, no dings or scrapes. 18650 very very bright The green glow surround is removable if you want to take it out $65 shipped 1st class mail conus, will ship...
  9. olrac

    Sold/Expired FS: Maratac SS w/Q3-5a and spare SS body

    FS: B.B. Stainless Steel Maratac AAA modded with XP-E Q3-5A Also included is a spare polished S.S. body. Light engine can be screwed out easily and put into spare body for change in look. Very nice tint emitter. $48 Shipped 1st class mail conus.
  10. olrac

    Sold/Expired FS: Barbolight Bombproof Price Reduced

    SOLD: Barbolight Bombproof SOLD! SOLD: Barbolight Bombproof light. HAIII, Tri-flupic, Cree MC-E Neutral emitter, Dive rated to 200 meters, runs on 3xAA eneloops, 26650, 26500, 18650, or older black AW C cells. The 3xAA carrier with 3 eneloops is included. Light engine is removable and allows...
  11. olrac

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Barbolight T-04

    SOLD: Barbolight T-04 Dimensions and weights Diameters. Head 34.50 mm. Cap 28.70 mm. Length 111.6 mm. Weight Without batteries 105 g. Batteries: 1x17 g Technical features Body Machined in Al-Si-Mg 6082 T6 alloy. Finish HA III (hard anodizing). Complies with Mil. Std. A-8625F Emitter...
  12. olrac

    Sold/Expired SOLD: S.S. Exolion w/Hi CRI Seoul and latest flupic driver

    SOLD: Stainless Steel Exolion w/Hi CRI Seoul and latest flupic driver, has a RED Tritium installed in the tail. Includes 1- Protected AW CR2 battery, 1-AW unprotected CR2 battery and 1- e2 lithium energizer battery as seen in photos. $190 shipped Priority Mail w delivery confirmation conus...
  13. olrac

    Sold/Expired WTB: McR20 Reflectors

    Looking to 1-3 McR20 in perfect condition
  14. olrac

    Anybody tried a McR27S with an XP-G?

    I have used the McR20S with great results and was thinking of trying the McR27S and was curious if anyone has done this and what were their results as far as beam pattern.
  15. olrac

    Preon I beamshots

    Received my Preon I today and here is a beamshot comparing to my Maratac SS with XP-E Q3-5A emitter. Preon on the left and Maratac on the right. Duracell in Preon and Eneloop in Maratac, High Setting: Duracell in Preon and 10440 in Maratac, High Setting: Beautiful light, definitely not...
  16. olrac

    Glow eye tailcap

    Sgt Burkett is one of my favorite 18650 hosts very adaptable, this one has an XP-G R5 at 1.4A really bright, with such a great front end it needed something special to bring up the rear. The next one will be with yellow trits in a circle!
  17. olrac

    Is Arc going to be hurt by all the new AAA's

    I'm wondering if with all the new AAA lights that have come out and coming out if this will be the demise of the Arc AAA. Yes I have owned them and yes they are durable, but honestly if you search the forum they have their share of failures too. I have ITP and Maratac and have used aLiteFlux...
  18. olrac

    Q3-5A XP-E mod to S.S. Maratac EOS

    Love these little AAA lights that are popping up all over the place my only gripe is emitter tints waaaay to cool for my liking so here is a 35 minute mod that makes me warm (or maybe I should say neutral) inside! The participants: A little desoldering here, a little reflow there: Cap it...
  19. olrac

    How to wire 9 xp-g for direct drive?

    I am looking to run 9 xp-g off of 2 AW black C cells (8.4V) by direct drive and I always get confused by this, can anybody can help?