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  1. joshk

    Any info about Ford Fusion Hybrid Li-Ion batteries?

    Yea, I wouldn't try opening that, it just has fire and pain inside. That type of battery is built for giving power in bursts, like when flooring the car. It's capacity will be rather lame for it's size. Also, please note, you can't rule out it may have an operating voltage of 2.5v-3.65v like...
  2. joshk

    Any info about Ford Fusion Hybrid Li-Ion batteries?

    Can you post a picture of one please?
  3. joshk

    Charging methods for Rechargeable Flashlights?

    It sounds like it has a USB charger cord. Why not plug it into your wall charger for your phone?
  4. joshk

    reclaiming alkaline (and other) cells

    I agree with WalkIntoTheLight, the rechargables of yester-year gave them a bad name. But after watching a Project Farm video on the latest rechargeables I converted. It's been great, I don't notice any reduced life, and when they die I just pop them in the charger. Now I have no worries about...
  5. joshk

    charger for a 10180 battery

    I've charged a few short batteries like that in my Opus C3100 by standing a bolt on top of the battery. Though if you charge often you are going to get tired of that.
  6. joshk

    Is there an optimal driver input voltage for efficiency?

    The closer the input and output voltages are for the boost driver, the better. Less work = less loss. Also, when comparing your run-times between flashlights, keep in mind that a alkaline battery with no boost driver is going to be dead around 1.3v per cell. But the one with the boost driver...
  7. joshk

    DeWalt 18v Lithium Ion batteries not disintegrating??

    My oldest 18650 Li-ion batteries are about 14 years old today. They were in an old Dell laptop pack. There was a chip inside. The computer started holding less and less of a charge. Finally it wouldn't even power on without the wall cord. BUT it was the chip. It was decreasing the capacity...
  8. joshk

    DeWalt 18v Lithium Ion batteries not disintegrating??

    I have a dewalt battery stamped 2011 on my desk right now and it's still going strong. I really wish it had the status bars the newer ones do, because like you say, it will suddenly die when you least expect it. But I wouldn't trade li-ion for any other tech. The energy density is mind...

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