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  1. J

    ACEBEAM X80 GT 32500 Lumens

    Just ordered Thanks for the info
  2. J

    ACEBEAM X80 GT 32500 Lumens

    1) Fit: Great, thanks 2) Run time I'm not worried about. I want the brightest possible. Still the Samsung??
  3. J

    ACEBEAM X80 GT 32500 Lumens

    Interesting, thanks I'm less than a battery novice. So, I need your thought. I'm using the Sony 18650VTC5D 2800mAh Dimensions 65.00 mm x 18.35mm The Samsung you suggested have a dimension of 66.63mm x 18.59mm 1) Being it is a slight larger battery, will it still fit my X80-GT? 2) Do...
  4. J

    ACEBEAM X80 GT 32500 Lumens

    Mine needed a button top
  5. J

    Fenix UC40 ultimate edition

    I just placed an order for the UC40 UE. Getting excited. This will be my first (what I would call) high-end flashlight. Something more than a typical inexpensive flashlight purchased at a supermarket or hardware store. I noticed my forum category "Unenlightened". That is so true.
  6. J

    Fenix UC40 UE - charging issues

    Face I am new to this forum and I have been reading your post regarding charging issues with the UC40 UE. I have been considering the UC40 but nervous because of the problems you have had. How has it been going with your quest to fix the problem?
  7. J

    Fenix 2014 catalog - new products

    I have always purchased my flashlights from Home Depot. This time, I wanted to pick up something a little better. That is when I discovered this forum only to discover flashlight enthusiasts are as crazy/nuts about flashlights as I am with my hobby, surround sound. What has boggled my mind is...

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