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    Fantastic Small Programmable Electronic Load and Battery Discharger

    > I toyed with going the hair drier, resistor bank route I don't understand why you want to discharge these batteries at the end of a ride (leaving them partially charged is fine), but the obvious way to burn off excess electricity is mining bitcoins ;).
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    Hooray CR123A

    The first 123 light I ever wanted, and maybe my first flashaholic light, was the Tekna Splashlite originally made in the 1980's or so. A simple waterproof plastic twisty with a 123 and a #222 screwbase incandescent lamp. I eventually got one here on CPF a long time later, and I still enjoy...
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    Recommendation for portable Solar Panel

    Yes, do the math. 5 watts is the absolute peak power you'll get at high noon on a cloudless day. When you take into account nighttime, varying sun angle, clouds, season, latitude, etc. you're doing ok if you get 10% of peak power averaged over a 24 hour period, so 0.5 watts average, or 12...
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    Recommendation for portable Solar Panel

    For a go bag it makes no sense. With normal sunlight you have to use that solar stuff for weeks or months before it generates enough energy to equal its weight in batteries. If you use your go bag in a bad-weather event (hurricane and peripheral storms), expect no sunlight for a while. Plus...
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    Will Emoli 26700 ever sell to consumers?

    There's no law against it as far as I know. I think RC model places have sold them in the past. There are some threads about them on You need special chargers for them and are probably best off using pre-made packs with protective circuits. I suspect that to buy loose cells...
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    Will Emoli 26700 ever sell to consumers?

    Probably not, if by "to the public" you mean through consumer stores. Too many safety issues. 18650's are the same way.
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    Westinghouse Rechargeable Lithium AA

    Frankly if they are still in the package I think you should just take them back and get some Eneloops or something. They are special purpose batteries, need weird chargers, and have less energy density than commodity nimh cells.
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    123 Battery storage capsule?

    If that match case is the same one countycomm sells I think two 123's won't quite fit. I have a few of them and if I can find one I'll try it to make sure.
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    Horizon MiniPak personal fuel cell charger

    You can look at the web site. There is some kind of refilling contraption that charges the tank up with hydrogen. The hydrogen is combined with some metal salts or something, to avoid being at high pressure. The cycle life is large but limited, like batteries. I guess impurities build up in...
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    Horizon MiniPak personal fuel cell charger

    The fuel container is here: It says the electrical capacity is 15 WH, which is a bit less than a pair of mid-grade 18650's. "Thousands of AA's" is marketing-speak referring to recharging it multiple times, like an AA NiMH cell is equivalent to...
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    phone battery contacts and charging question

    Thanks! That is informative and it indicates that my digital voltmeter has rather lower input impedance than I'd have expected.
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    phone battery contacts and charging question

    Phone batteries usually have 3 or 4 contacts but often only two of them do anything. But I notice that the Nokia BP-4L really has different voltages going to the contacts. The middle contact (when the cell is near empty) is at 3.3 volts but the outer one is only at 2.9 volts or so. Question...
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    So I Think The NiMH AAA Cells I Just Bought Are Mismarked LSD.....

    Another possibility occurs to me: your cells might be outright fakes, cheap no-name cells with counterfeit Ansmann labels. That happens all the time with cellular phone batteries. Where did you buy them?
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    Sanyo CR123A's - what's the new best option?

    If you're using THAT many 123's, maybe you want to think about rechargeables and lights that can use them.
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    So I Think The NiMH AAA Cells I Just Bought Are Mismarked LSD.....

    1000 mah and LSD in an AAA cell is not achievable with present technology, I think. Better just stick with eneloops, which are rated 800 mah.
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    Interesting. Googling duracell + LF1500 finds some sketchy info. They are available in Australia and Germany/Austria, price comparable to Energizer L91's, claim to last 6x longer than alkalines, which I guess positions it slightly below the L91 ("7x"). There is an MSDS saying it is a Li FeS2...
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    New Energizer charger and LSD batteries at Sam's Club

    I don't see anything about LSD on that. The usual marketing term for LSD these days is "pre-charged" or the like, i.e. they charge them before they ship them. That's pointless for non-LSD cells since they don't hold the charge on the store shelf.
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    Waterproof single AA or AAA container.

    I guess I see more utility in using a small flashlight (Arc AAA in my case, but something cheaper like a Fenix E01 would be fine) as an AAA holder, rather than an empty tube. The weight difference would be just a few grams at most, and it means you've got an extra light in case you need one.
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    Waterproof single AA or AAA container.

    Their description says "one AA battery will fit perfectly inside this capsule" when they're a few mm too short? Oops.
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    NiMH vs. Lithium output & runtime

    The ZL AA headlamp will run fine on nimh or lithium. Lithium should last about 2x as long, and work better in very cold weather. The lithium cell also weighs about half as much if a 15 gram difference matters. I usually use nimh (Eneloop) in mine because of rechargeability but would bring a...

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