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    EX10 Question

    Just wondering how prone to accidental activation the EX10 and plunger switch is? I'm looking to replace my old P2D and I will be carrying the light in my right jeans pocket with keys on top of it. This has caused my light to accidentally turn on twice in it's lifetime. Will the EX10 with...
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    New Energizer 1 LED 2AA Flashlight is a big surprise

    I picked up a 2 pack of these lights at Target today, just couldn't pass them up. Got the nice blue color. I have to admit, the light just feels fantastic in my hand. Very nice satin texture to the plastic :twothumbs. One light has a more oval spot than the other, and the rings around it...
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    Cool new 2009 Energizer 1AA Trailfinder Micro

    I take pride in getting things back into a package and making it look like it was never opened. I did a great tape job on the curved part of the package, cutting slits in the tape so it was nice and flat....:duh2:....maybe I have a problem of some sort. I blame it on the fact that I've kept...
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    Cool new 2009 Energizer 1AA Trailfinder Micro

    I picked up one these lights because the of the size and 1AA factor. After using it for a bit at my work one night, it's going back to Target. For me, the biggest downside is that it just doesn't stay put on my head. The battery compartment, as small and light as it is with only one...
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    Gander Mtn. 235 Lumen Light w/RGB

    Thanks for the report Neubauej! Any memory on the light? Does it revert back to high when you turn it off then on? And do you have to cycle thru the other modes/colors to turn it off? Wonder if a tailcap from any other light might fit onto it? I'm quite tempted to pick up this light.
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    Gander Mtn. 235 Lumen Light w/RGB

    Saw this new light in the most recent Gander Mtn. catalog: Seems like a nice sized light. 2x123. Wonder if it has a tailcap button...
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    Streamlight PolyTac Review, Pics, and Info

    So no malkoff's drop-in? :mecry: I love the shape of this light and was hoping to use it as a host for a M60LW.
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    Eagletac T10LC2 or T100C2

    I truely despise the EagleTac names! Too confusing! So the 100 will out-throw the T10, eventhough the head is much smaller? Is the reflector deeper?
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    the best AAA light

    See below +12345 The Microstream is THE light you want. I've used mine daily for over a year and it's held up remarkably. I said it on here before - the Microstream is the best bang for your buck light evAr. - Super convenient with a great pocket clip that has never failed me on jeans...
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    Streamlight Poly Tac 2x123a polymer light???

    Been out of the loop for a while - anyone have this light or have read any reviews?
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    900 Lumen EagleTac Megalight

    Looks like I'll be buying at least one EagleTac light this year!:twothumbs Imagine if this was a Surefire, we'd be eating at least an extra $200 worth of "R & D" on top of EagleTac's MSRP of $150!
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    Best Value LED Lights....

    Streamlight Microstream... It's the most CONVENIENT light I have ever owned. - Best clip ever: It's been clipped to my left front pocket since the day I got it and has never come loose. - Because of this clip it's always there and ready for use. The small, slim size and the perfect height...
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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 3)

    Awesome pics! I went back and forth in slo-mo with a VHS tape! Looks to be a Wolf Eyes light, not sure which one:
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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 3)

    Anybody catch battlestar Galactica last night? Anyone see the first (smaller) light that the Chief was using to inspect the cracks with Adama? Sorry no screen cap :sigh:
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    The many advantages of... a Maglite!

    Not many other lights function as: 1. Weapon - SF "defenders" got nothing on a 3/4 D Mag 2. Hammer 3. Bed-side assistance - combines the best of a flashlight and bat I plan on always having a MAG by my bed, and most likely it's gonna be the same one till the day I die.
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    HDS New Ra Lights products (Part 2)

    What does the pattern of light have to do with the output/runtime? Take the optic from the E1B and the reflector away from the Ra and the output will still be the same but the runtimes can still be compared. How about the PD20 (reflector) that runs @ 180 lumens for 1 hr? I continue to read...
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    sloppy g2 tailcap fix it

    Still can't get over the fact that SF doesn't install two O-rings in the first place :thinking:. A second O-ring makes it feel 10000000 x better.
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    MagLite upgraded to a Rebel!! (pics in post 34)

    Re: MagLite upgraded to a Rebel!! My Home Depot has 2D Mag-leds with Rebels, and since a package was already open, I took it out and checked it out today. (sorry no camera) First thing - The old packaging had a picture that showed the LED module and a PR incan module with arrows indicating...
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    INOVA Inforce line (was: Inova SHOT/IWA 2008 prototype)

    I'm curious too :thinking:. If their T1 can put out 100 lumens regulated for at least 4 hrs, then I would seriously hope this light could match that. Maybe the light is simply a T1 with a polymer body and Optic?
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    Streamlight Poly Tac 2x123a polymer light???

    Seems the SL will really undercut the G2(L) in terms of price too! $37.16 and ~ $30.00 for the incan. :twothumbs Here's to hoping it will take P60, er Malkoff, drop-ins!

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