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  1. powernoodle

    How to program Pelican 7060?

    Online I found the instructions for a different Pelican light, the 8060. Those instructions work for the 7060. Maybe Pelican could incorporate these instructions in its user manual.
  2. powernoodle

    How to program Pelican 7060?

    Hey guys. I just received a new Pelican 7060. Its not like a needed another light, but why not. Great light that throws a big, fat hot spot with tons of flood, and I prefer it to my beloved Stinger LED. But I think this thing is supposed to be programmable to different output patterns, like...
  3. powernoodle

    *New* Surefire Sidekick 300 lumen Keychain Light

    Way back in the day, when the Surefire 6P with its 65 lumens was big news, Surefire was King of the Hill. They could get away with those hefty prices. And I bought many of them. I may own 25 Surefires. But with the advent of Nitecore, Fenix, 4Sevens, and on and on, Surefire lost its luster...
  4. powernoodle

    Fenix E05 - 2014 Edition (not SS)

    1 - the new 2014 stainless head fits and functions just fine on the "old" aluminum body. 2 - the "old" aluminum head fits but does not function on the new 2014 stainless body.
  5. powernoodle

    Fenix E05 - 2014 Edition (not SS)

    Those are both the new 2014 versions. I have not tried it with a new + old combo, but may do that.
  6. powernoodle

    Nitecore SRT6

    For EDC, I love the SRT5. It is small and light enough to ride easily on the belt, but makes a ton of light. Awesome runtime on an 18650. I've been jonesing for the SRT3/7 as well. I didn't know the SRT6 existed until just now. I find the ring interface so much better than a dual switch...
  7. powernoodle

    Review: Fenix LD02 (XP-E2, 1x AAA, 100 lumens)

    Re: Fenix LD02 vs Fenix E12 - measured and commented This. Fenix lights are not marketed to CPF members. They are marketed to the masses, whom Fenix apparently believe prefer an 8 lumen low setting rather than a 0.3 lumen.
  8. powernoodle

    Fenix E05 Stainless Steel

    This flashlight game we play is as much about aesthetics and feeling good as it is about lumens. And some folks subjectively do not dig a light that is heavier for its size than they prefer. A "heavier" light (compared to what they are used to) does not make them feel good. This is not right...
  9. powernoodle

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I've ordered the 2014 version of the Fenix E05 aluminum flavor (3 outputs). Why? It looks like fun. And I have been around long enough to remember when 85 lumens out of any light was just plain crazy, much less one barely bigger than an AAA battery. Last light purchased with a Nitecore SRT5...
  10. powernoodle

    Fenix E05 Stainless Steel

    I just ordered one from a Hong Kong seller. So they are out there.
  11. powernoodle

    *new* Fenix PD35, upgraded to 960 lumens!

    Though I am always happy to see "new and improved", the current PD35 satisfies me just fine. I have been around long enough to remember with the old Surefire 6P was "killer". And it pushed out 65 lumens of yellow light, was not regulated, and the filament broke when you dropped it. And you...
  12. powernoodle

    Fenix E05 Stainless Steel

    That's the problem I have with the Preons. Those suckers are just plain slick, which is fine with the clicky, but not so fine with the twisty. Or maybe I am just a sissy.
  13. powernoodle

    Fenix E05 Stainless Steel

    It needs a hidden (triple twist) strobe. :)
  14. powernoodle

    *new* Fenix E20 (2014 edition)

    I was going to link to one of those "Shake Weight" videos on youtube, but thought better of it.
  15. powernoodle

    *new* Fenix LD09

    Powernoodle says lose the SOS and add a strobe. I'm betting that no one has actually used the SOS in an emergency.
  16. powernoodle

    Sunwayman D40A - Another 4AA compact thrower

    Re: New Sunwayman D40A - Another 4AA compact thrower $79.50 (pre-order) at one vendor.
  17. powernoodle

    Fenix TK22 XM-L Flashlight Review

    Thanks for the review. I have one of these arriving today. Its the first light I have ordered in many moons.
  18. powernoodle

    Is the Fenix TK70 still relevant?

    I want Shakira to belly dance for me in my kitchen. But I don't think either of us are going to get our wish this year. :)

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