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    Acebeam L35 with Lattice Power emitter?

    Who has beam shots or general reviews of the Lattice Power emitter compared to the Cree in the L35? I think I need a bit more throw than the Cree but I also don't want to lose the great flood lux so, I'm hoping to trade a bit of light on my toes for a bit more range. Thanks! Sid
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    Acebeam L35 Lattice Power or Cree? Or something else?

    I need to spot black newborn calves at night in addition to the cows at ranges up to 200 yards. I also need to 'spotlight' feral hogs and predators at similar ranges. The Acebeam L35 looks like a good option with its head profile and emitters. I also have a strong preference for the 21700...
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    Maglite Pro LED 2xAA: Can it be saved?

    I have a new Maglite Pro LED silver 2xAA flashlight that has what looks like another cell stuck in it. I cannot bang or tap it out. I took the head off to see if I could push it out but, that's not an obvious way to fix it from what I could see. I'm wondering if some of the electronics might...
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    UVC or "deep UV" flashlights?

    I have the Fenix dual LED "pen" UV light and UVA Olight's in the I5 and I3 flavors. I should note I'm not trying to sterilize water or surfaces from COVID. What are my better options for UVC? I'm thinking more of something in the 254nm range for minerals and similar things. $200 lights are...
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    Flashlight holsters?

    I have a Fenix E35, 4Sevens single AA, and I'm thinking about something along the lines of a SureFire Scout handheld (Arisaka, Modlite, etc.). My Fenix E35 is working out well and I really like that 21700 cell but, with its side-switch and bulk, pocket carry is problematic and no I don't want...
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    Twist on single cell AA flashlights seem to be scarce

    My old single cell AA twist to turn on flashlight is getting worn out. I started looking for a replacement and the vast majority today are tail-switch activate with a few side-switches. I am a fan of twist action to prevent accidental activation in bags and pockets. Is this a valid concern...
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    Need a new single-AA twist flashlight

    I'm finding a lot of tail switch options and few unprotected side switch lights. I need something to put in a pocket and not get activated and depleted. I have been using an older light (~3 years old) from I think 4Sevens (stylized heavy Q is all that's left of the finish). Something with a...
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    FENIX E35 V3.0 FLASHLIGHT upgrade?

    I have been using a FENIX E35 V3.0 FLASHLIGHT. This flashlight has been my companion for about a month and I really like it overall. However, the power button really isn't protected so that limits its use more than I would like. I'm finding I reach for it instead of my Maglite 2xC-cell...
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    Best or Better 21700 Battery?

    I'm new to the world of 21700 batteries. Which batteries are the best in terms of performance and which are best in terms of 'value' (cost for performance)? Are the ones with built in USB-C charging as powerful and reliable as stand alone batteries that need an external charger? Which...
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    Real Fenix E35 V3.0 review?

    I'm looking at random reviews on this new flashlight and I'm only finding things like "It is X times brighter than ..." and similar things. Is this a good option for someone wanting a high power relatively small flashlight? Is it practical for dazzling an aggressive dog or someone aggressive...
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    Maglite Pro Plus or ...?

    Looking online at the Maglite 2xAA Pro Plus and Black, I'm seeing a lot of different specifications. Is the Maglite Pro Plus a good double AA cell LED light? I specifically want something of reasonable beam and overall construction quality for $30~$50. I need enough fill to be useful for...
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    High reflective tape and/or leg bands for a hiking pack? This link got me started thinking about night safety. I think I may pick one of these up for my car. Changing a flat at night and similar tasks could really use this type of vest for improved safety. Last night I was walking with my pack. At about...
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    AA headlamp for hiking?

    I'm looking at the Princeton Tec APEX What other lights in this class should I compare? I want something that uses AA's and has good flood/spill. A far reaching spotlight is not that helpful at the velocity I walk. ;) I...

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