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    I recently read that a 2CR5 cell contains two CR123 cells...can the two CR123 cells be safely removed and used in a SF 6P? If so, how can I safely remove them witout damaging them? Thank you.
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    Rechargeable Shelf Life

    Hey guys, I recently purchased some Duracell AA precharged rechargeables and I just found out from Duracell that they were manufactured in November of 2007. Are they okay even though they've been sitting on the store shelf for over a year? I never opened the package....should I return them and...
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    Good Charger for New Rechargeables

    Hey guys, I picked up a few packs of Duracell AA Pre-charged Rechargeable batteries (1.2V / 2000mAh) and I found out that my old charger is a piece of junk, so I would like to buy one as soon as possible. The batteries will probably be used mostly in flashlights, a digital camera, and a portable...
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    Energizer Charger w/Duracell Rechargeables

    Hey guys, I recently purchased some Duracell Rechargeable Pre-Charged AA batteries (1.2V / 2000mAh) and I would like to know if I can charge them in an older Energizer charger (model CHDC-CA) that I have? If I remember correctly, the Energizer batteries that came with the charger were 1.2V /...
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    Three "C" Batteries in a 2D Mag Help

    Hey guys, I've heard that three "C" batteries will fit in a 2D Maglite, but I'm looking for detailed instructions and tips on how to modify the spring, tail cap, and the best sleeve to use to reduce rattling. Pics would be great if anyone has some. Thanks.
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    SF P90

    I recently purchased a SF G3 and I'm not very impressed with the football shaped pattern from the P90 lamp. Is this normal or did I receive a defective lamp? Thanks
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    I just received a new light (package sealed) today and I checked the CR123 cells with a voltmeter and I got a reading of 3.02V each, I then checked the free batteries that were included and I got a reading of 3.30V. Is this considered a good amount of battery loss when dealing with CR123 cells...
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    SF and LF Lamps

    I would like to buy a spare lamp for a SF G3 that I just ordered and I was wondering if you guys can tell me the difference (flood, throw, etc) between a SF P90 and the LF SR-9 and HO-9? I plan on running two of AW's 17500 or three CR123. Thanks.
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    Petzl Adapt System

    Are any of you guys using the new "Adapt System" with your Petzl lights? Also, I like the all black body of the Tac Tikka XP (Adapt System included), is the Tikka XP also available in all black? Thanks
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    Another Headlamp

    Hey guys, can you please help me out? I'm looking for a headlamp for hurricane season, power outages, kayaking/canoeing, fishing, auto, and home repairs. I would like to find a headlamp with these features: * flawless flood pattern (WHITE) * waterproof preferred * regulated * low battery...
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    PT Quad

    Hey guys, I just picked up a PT Quad because it has the features that I've been looking for in a headlamp (flood pattern, regulated, waterproof, low battery indicator, great price, etc.), but I was not very happy with the bluish color:thumbsdow from the LED(s) and the annoying lines around the...
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    G3 W/Surefire AN14

    Can a SF AN14 battery adapter be used on a SF G3 to allow more options for rechargeables:thinking:? If so, what would the best option be? Thanks.
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    Best Deal For SF G2 & G3?

    I recently purchased a G2, and now I'm ready for another G2 and also a G3. Can you guys tell me who has the best deal on these lights? Thanks.
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    SF G2 Questions

    Hey guys, after alot of help and suggestions from this site, I just purchased my first SF G2:thumbsup:. Now I would like to make this a brighter rechargeable light with a decent runtime and I was wondering what lamp, cells, charger:confused: and dealer would you suggest. I did a search and found...
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    Please Help me Choose Another Light

    Please help me, I am looking for a light with the below features: * can be used with a handgun (not mounted) * can be carried in a concealed weapon type fanny pack * night stand use (unwelcomed visitors) * rechargeable with the ability to use lithium or alkalines in a pinch * ability to remove...
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    AAA in a C Light

    What will happen if I try to use THREE AAA batteries (carrier from a gerber light) in a Task-Force 3W LED that uses TWO C batteries? Will it be brighter or will I damage the light? Thanks.
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    Hey guys, I have a couple of CR2032 (3V) batteries that read 2.99V, 2.90V, and 2.75V on my multi-meter, is this considered half dead, weak, or garbage for this type of battery? Thanks.
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    Small Light Recommendation

    I've been looking for a small powerful light (EDC) that I can operate with one hand while using a handgun, carry in my fanny pack or pocket, waterproof would be nice but not a must. I've been thinking about the SL Scorpion, TL-2, TL-3, SF G2, and Brinkmann Maxfire. I'm definitely open to other...
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    Light for Car

    I picked up a Tec40 and I would like to leave it in my truck. What's the best way to store the light in my vehicle? In the past, the batteries would leak in my 3D Mags. I live in South Florida, is it the heat that causes this to happen? Does this happen to alkaline batteries only? Thanks.
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    PT Surge

    Can Energizer rechargeables (2500mah) be used in this light? Thanks.