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    Aren't candles still best for power outage?

    When using candles be careful. One of the CPF senior members died not to long ago in a fire caused be candles. When I use one it is in a candle lantern.
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    Peak Led Solutions - Product Lineup

    Great Info - well done !! :twothumbs
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    RUGER LCP Safety Recall

    Was not to long after the PS9 and LCP were released before both were recalled. Maybe it's old age but I don't seem to remember to many recalls on Rugers in the past.
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    Luxeon III Close Out Sale !!

    I think I would like to get a 2xAAA AND a 1 AA body. Do they also have a 2xAA body for it?
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    Here is what a Flashaholic can get for $2.99

    Advance Auto has a simular light, also CVS Pharmacy.
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    toologic SL1M?

    If I remember correctly some people reported that one of the versions of that knife would take an ARC AAA light also. The light just pulls out.
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    Tactical Pistol Light/Laser

    You may also want to consider a or laser rail attachment. They are small, flat lasers that attach to the firearm and have a rail built in so you can attach a rail mountable light to it. This way you don't have to buy a single light/laser unit. If you like you can...
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    Thinnest Knife Suggestions?

    In AO I like the SOG Twitch II, Non-AO BOKER Trance. I have not seen one yet but I have also been considering the Kershaw 1840 Shallot but it has a 3.5 blade so is past your blade limit.
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    Luxeon III Close Out Sale !!

    How do you find additional battery tubes, switches & prices? I want to order a Pacific Brass and was thinking about adding some of the above but can't find anything about them on the website.
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    Pumpkin lighting

    Iv'e used an EternaLight on Dazzel mode that works pretty well. Opened the mail box and put it inside and placed a mask over it and that worked too.
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    SONIC FLASHLIGHT - Ultrasonic Imaging

    I also saw that show and was wondering how long before it showed up on CPF. :grin2:
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    Gerber Sonic Problem- anyone know the fix?

    I ordered 4 Sonics on closeout several months ago - had to return 3 that either flickered. would not come on, or would not stay on. Only 1 worked.
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    Single AA Nitecore D10 vs Fenix L1D vs LiteFlux LF5XT

    If I may make a slightly off-topic suggestion - you may want to consider Taking a Photon ReX light with you as a backup. It's small, light, variable power and can be worn around your neck or carried just about anyway you like. A Big plus is that you could recharge it from most of the common...
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    DIY 2 Level Peak Rainier (or any momentary enabled peak)

    Very nice. :twothumbs I long ago gave up waiting for Peak to give us a variable power light. Hopefully Peak or someone will provide this option on their lights in the future.
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    Some Q's re SureFire CR123A Batts

    Usually the best price is from the web. The best price I have ever found on 123 batteries in a store was last week at Lowes, $ 4.90 for a two pack of Surefire batteries.
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    What is the one tool that is missing in the Leatherman Skeletool?

    I agree, would like to see scissors also.
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    Nitecore D10 or Liteflux LF5XT

    I have one of the original LF2s. I have it programmed at P1 - Lowest possible, P2 about 30%. if I need a little more I just press the head twice and go to the default 50% setting. If this is all I need I twist back to P1 setting to accept. if I want more I just let it ramp up from the 50%...
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    Darwin Award candidate

    Reminds me of an article I read a while back about a woman using a 12 GA to try removing a corn/callus on her heel. She was drinking but it is hard to beleive you can get so wasted that this seemed like a good idea.
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    100 m throw Photon Freedom

    Just tried it with a Photon covert and LF2, it works. You can find these at most book stores and in the book sections in Kmarts/Walmarts etc. Sometimes in the office supply sections. Usually only a couple dollars.
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    AAA light you prefer over the ARC?

    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn if you want a simple light, Liteflux if you want a user adjustabile one that is more complex.