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  1. Beamhead

    LE Storage?

    I use these.
  2. Beamhead

    QTC in McGizmo...

    Quantum Tunneling Composite.
  3. Beamhead

    Wave of Makai 6V XM-L lights That is a beautiful light.:thumbsup: What kind of throw do you get with the XM-L?
  4. Beamhead

    The Three Amigos

    Nice set, perhaps you should hunt down the uber rare chrome PD to complete it. :crazy:
  5. Beamhead

    Titanium Makai

    Nothing to see here...move along, LOL j/k. Check in your user control panel/edit options/ thread display options that you have "Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code)" checked. HTH
  6. Beamhead

    Titanium Makai

    3 forms of fine beauty, your friend has that "Angelina look" , your photo skillz are second to none. Oh yeah.........have I told you lately that I hate you? :nana: j/k :crackup: EDIT: You seriously need to consider putting out a McGizmo Calender, it wouldn't even need many months with pics of...
  7. Beamhead

    Titanium Makai

    Beautiful light, looks like the XP-G has great spill to compliment the throw.
  8. Beamhead

    Funny pic in McGizmo History

    Or in his dive helmet.
  9. Beamhead

    Don's "Garage Sales"??
  10. Beamhead

    Aleph III LE Upgrade?

    Thanks Wayne, say hi to Cindy.:)
  11. Beamhead

    Aleph III LE Upgrade?

    Thanks again Led, I may not have had the slug isolated but it should flicker straight away, not after 20 minutes use? It originally had a TWOJ, then the SSC P4 U2SVOH , then back to a UWOK, the U is the output, so that should have nothing to do with it, in fact the K that I put back requires a...
  12. Beamhead

    Aleph III LE Upgrade?

    Led, have you mainly used 3.7 volt cells? I ask only because of my flickering problems. Rather than try and bother folks on this last long weekend of summer I scoured the halls of CPF and found this..... From this thread....
  13. Beamhead

    Aleph III LE Upgrade?

    OK, I am officially surrendering my modders guild started flickering much like my attempts at Cree-ing the Osram lanterns. :banghead: I put a UWOK Lux 3 back on it and it is fine.:thinking: These new fangled emitters don't like me although the Cree I put in my KL4 still kicks...
  14. Beamhead

    Aleph III LE Upgrade?

    Led Zep and ROK, thanks for the instructions.:thumbsup: I just transplanted one on a NexGen 750, I made my own spacer and used "reinforcement labels" as a layer of isolation.:tinfoil: It works best in either an A1 or A3, I may have shaved too much off of the McR-20.:duh2: I am quite pleased...
  15. Beamhead

    Aleph III LE Upgrade?

    According to Led Zep yes and I am going to order a few SSC's and try it. My experience with the NexGen is anything above 3 volts over time smokes the LE, even a J or higher binned lux III @ 750 mA. 2 went tango-uniform on me and at $95 a pop I will only run 3 V primaries from now on. (or 2 AA's)
  16. Beamhead

    Aleph III LE Upgrade?

    I have a few NG 750's sporting Lux III's, I might get a few SSC for them, what do you use as the spacer?
  17. Beamhead

    Opportunity to vote for your top McGizmo

    No worries Hodsta, its a real toss up for me between the PDxx and the Aleph. So thats my pregnant chad.:D
  18. Beamhead

    Opportunity to vote for your top McGizmo

    No Aleph option?
  19. Beamhead

    PD Maintenance

    I only noticed wear on the kilroy on 1 of my PD's, it was easily remedied by a slight tinning with the soldering iron.
  20. Beamhead

    PD concept finally spreading it's wings!!

    Nice work and pics. Oh and you are mean. :nana: