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    Let's Discuss Issues That Can't Be Discussed

    Why is it that some topics can be discussed in THE CAFE and others cannot. I have tried to discuss a certain matter and have been told with admitted prejudice that it could not be discussed. Yet, other politically sensative matters can be discussed. Even with over-reaction to someones...
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    BP Oil Leak Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

    Is anyone following this issue? An entire Marine Estuary has been destroyed! Any CPFers affected by this disaster?
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    BP Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

    Is anyone following this issue? An entire marine estuary has been destroyed! BP can't keep their foot out of their mouth! Any CPFer's affected by this disaster? Any thoughts? Note: I have a vested interest in this disaster. Along with a couple of cousins, we own a dried shrimp processing...
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    CPF Official Gear

    Fellow CPF'ers, I applaud CPF for our new "Official Gear." There are so many designs that I'm like a kid in the candy store. First I want this one, then I want a different one, then I change my mind! My list is now so long, that like flashlights, my wife has said "no more!" However, no one at...
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    Something Different for Halloween

    For the last 20 or more years, rather than giving candy to Trick or Treaters, we give flashlights. We definitely are one of the neighborhood's favorite houses for Trick or Treaters! Instead of spending $50 to $100 (or more) on candy, I pick up buck or cheaper flashlights a few at a time all...
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    Sold/Expired In Need of a MAG "C" Spring

    I am in need of a Maglite "C" Spring! Since I am away with my work for extended periods of time, please send a PM. Isn't it a bi*ch when your work life starts interfering with your real life! Thanks! boudreaux