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    Please astound me? No more cool lights, you're kidding right?

    Hi, it's been a while but popped back to see what's happening, what's new folks? I remember the first day I visited this site and stumbled upon the TiPDS, falling in love immediately I tracked one down and still own it and use it (them) . The next/last light to make me feel like a kid at...
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    Sold/Expired Serious buyer WTB...

    Ok, here's my list... 1) Aoth vertical holster for TITANIUM Spy 007 2) Ti Nautilus with multiple tritium inserts 3) Ti Ra Clicky Conditions... 1) AWTYD - no silly prices (high) 2) Goat - no silly prices (low) 3) Grif - hi, (plus point one) 4) Mack - I prefer not to deal with chicks! 5)...
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    Spy Questions

    There are numerous threads where questions are being asked about different elements of the Spy and it would be fairly difficult to check if your question had already been asked/answered during an earlier exchange. The Spy has some features pretty unique to the flashlight world and I imagine...
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    Your thoughts on resilience.

    I could have asked this question in many places on this board but just felt this was a good place:thumbsup:. First my disclaimer: I'm no engineer and will go further to say I have no knowledge that can be applied to this subject other than that which would be viewed as common sense...
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    Opportunity to vote for your top McGizmo

    OK - if you regularly participate in this sub forum you likely think, most, if not all Don's mainstream works are top notch, but I thought it would be interesting and fun to see a spread of favorites. With only 10 options I have had to narrow down the field to 9 options plus an "Other". It...
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    Removing/replacing the thumbstud on a Sebbie?

    Does anyone know how Chris tightens the thumbstud on the Sebbie. I want to swap one of mine over to another Sebbie, but given there are no flats on the front or threads on the back I'm stumped. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Sold/Expired WTGA: 27LT-S (GONE) Milky Modded 120P ADDED (ALSO GONE)

    I'm trying to slim down my collection, and whilst this has a much nicer beam and a better tint than my Malk SF 6P, and is a better thrower, and has a more resistant finish, and is a McGizmo, I just can't be parted from the 6P for "sentimental" reasons. The light is not mint, it has a ding in...
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    Steel CR2 Battery Key Chain?

    I have a really nice steel tube keychain holder for a CR123, anyone know of something similar for 1x or 2x CR2's? tks in advance.
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    Is anyone working on the Titan Mark II?

    I've only had the SF Titan for 48 hours but I'm realising it could be, despite it's imperfections, the most useful light I own! The TiPD-S, modded HDS or a Novatac would be my choice in a "if you had to choose only one" situation. BUT I cannot religiously carry one of these due to thier size...
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    Sold/Expired FS: SOLD! RARE McGizmo Ti AlTiN S27C

    Time to let this one go as it remains a shelf Queen, and that's simply not the true destiny of this tough little light with the toughest of coatings. I will stand corrected but I think there is only one other of these McG originals out there (maybe two):thinking:. I'm in the UK and shipping...
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    Relative Reliability - HDS EDC Series vs. TiPD Series

    Over the past 6-8 months these two light have become my EDC's of choice. I remain slightly sceptical about the long term reliablity of the HDS switch, whilst problems with the PD are rare but not unknown. I'd love to know of your experiences with these two lights, in terms of reliablity...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: McGizmo Ti C-Pak (1x123) FOUND - THANKS!

    I know, I know but I would like to buy a mint or good condition Ti C-Pak. Please PM me if you have one of these, or some hens teeth or rocking horse dung. Thanks Hodsta
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    Why do I keep buying more lights when I already have a TiPD-S?

    This light was the reason I joined CPF. Goatee (my favourate CPFer:kiss:) sold me one for a very fair price. I later picked up a non-Mizer courtesy of Groundhog (my favourate Hog:kiss:). I think I commented at the time that these were the last lights I would ever need to buy!!!!!!!!!! My EDC...
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    Why no Micro/Multifunction Switches?

    Why does Don not build these small, versatile little things into a light? One of the many reasons I carry a TiPD-S over all others is the faith I have in the simple mechanical switching operation manifested in the twisty and piston/kilroy interface. The many options of a Novatac/HDS light are...
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    What is the folder equivilent of a TiPD-S?

    My favourate folders are a Bradley Alias, a CRKT Lakes PAL and a SOG Arcitech. However I know there must be a whole host of nice things out there I'm oblivious too. I want something with a 3 inch blade there or thereabouts, one handed opener (no autos) and a pocket clip, something strong...
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    The finest/exotic/mad, single (preferred) or multiple cell please!

    I'd like to discover something new, that I have never seen before, that amazes me and maybe that I can aspire to own one day. This thread is going out to all those CPFers with hidden gems in thier collections, either rare customs or intriguing mods, one offs and rareities, old and new, LED or...
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    The perfect McGizmo?

    The first time I saw a cool flashlight, it was one of those brick shaped blue and white Ever Ready flashlights, found in my dads glove box when I was about 5 years old. The second cool torch was a tin plate 3D jobby I bought on scout camp when I was 11. The next was a Surefire 6P about 8...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Tritium modded SS Bezel for HDS/PD

    Would like to buy one (or more) of these if anyone wants to sell. Am willing to go to $45 but not sure of the market rate - PM me if I'm way off the mark here. Will also consider Ti bezel with trits if available. Thanks Hodsta
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    Sold/Expired FOUND -WTB Mint TiPD-S

    I think the title says it all - I have a "user" and love it so much would like a back up Shelf Queen. Would prefer a non-mizer but will consider a mizer, a mod with trits in the bezel would be a real bonus and would be willing to pay accordingly. Looking for $500 plus shipping to UK...
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    Bradley Alias vs. Sebbie

    My new favourate folder is the Bradley Allias II, a volume production model sharing similarities with the Sebbie. My only dissapointment is the coating, after just a hour or so accidentally carried in a pocket with coins and keys the finish is...