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  1. rizky_p

    Who sell 26650 or 32650 battries with international shipping?

    As subject. Other than lighthound. Thanks.
  2. rizky_p

    WTA: Ultrafire 32650

    Anyone own one? Thanks.
  3. rizky_p

    delete please mod

    UPDATE: My post seems to be bothering and a waste of time to some. I just want to share. I did search before posting here @CPF and found nothing that relate to this hence the thread. Sorry for bothering you all, for the sake of everyone can mod please delete the thread or lock it. I remove...
  4. rizky_p

    Q: SST90 [email protected] vs olight SR90

    Can anyone compares between the two? Thanks Rizki
  5. rizky_p

    Beamshots: some of the cheap lights that i own

    Hope you guys can enjoy it. All running on Highest Mode. I set the White balance to Daylight on all shots. Distance to the tree is about 15 meters Running on Eneloop AA, i bought it from KD. SKU 1075 is P60 Plug-in with 0-100% variable brightness and a Q5 running on single 18650. I...
  6. rizky_p

    Sanyo 18650 2400mah Discharge

    I have just received 2 Sanyo 18650 2400mah, it is unprotected and cost 7USD each in local shop, i bought this to DD MCE light since it perform the best among my DX-bought batteries although Trustfire second batch perform really close to sanyo in capacity but maintains lower voltage probably due...
  7. rizky_p

    MCE: 1 die is dead but how come?

    This is probably the time when you hate yourself!:banghead::hairpull: I saved some money for this MCE, now i runied it! Ok i bought this Bare emitter from KD Bin supposed to be M but i don't have means to verify it well it doesnt matter. While reflow soldering by heating the star from...
  8. rizky_p

    Beamshots: WG/WC vs 5A

    Guys i just got my Cree Q5 5A from Eprom other might have already done it, so i just want to share it with you because i know many of you like beamshots :) I dont have a white wall because most of my house are painted in cream :o So which one do you like? I was not a warn-color fans...
  9. rizky_p

    new battery tech

    Again another announcement regarding battery tech, hope they bring it to the market soon.
  10. rizky_p


    Wow an earthquake this morning, i was still inside the house and immediately ran outside. The chandelier was swinging like crazy the swimming pool shaken and spilled like it was nothing....Thankfully it wasn't that bad they even made a Tsunami warning but latter canceled.. this is the report...
  11. rizky_p

    Where to get 1/2 D Nimh?

    Anyone knows where to get 1/2 D Nimh with reasonable International Shipping? Thanks
  12. rizky_p

    Replace old bulb connector with JST plug?

    Hi all, i have an unused aftermarket 35w HID, the problem is the connector between the bulb and the ballast is different(different brand). Can i use JST-XH connector to replace the old connector? because i have plenty JST-XH around. FYI. i am going to put this ballast & bulb inside 50w...
  13. rizky_p

    4xAW's IMR26500 in 3D Maglite?

    As subject, will it fits? Thanks.
  14. rizky_p

    Interesting Site who sells many size of Lifepo4.

    This site seems to have many sizes such as D, C and other odd dimension LiFePo4 battery including more common 18650, 1450 and, 10440(10430) anyone have more info? Thanks.
  15. rizky_p

    Battery types and sizes at Wiki

    I know we have our own Wiki. I found it accidently while browsing, so it could be a re-post, might be worth a look. Just want to share. Thanks.
  16. rizky_p

    ~1 year Old Blue Protected Trustfire 2500 discharge.

    I was bored today so i did this test using Hobby charger + CellLog in LogView The battery is around 1 year old and being use at least 3 times a week. Discharged @1A Cutoff @3v.1v came up at 2135mah not bad. (DX SKU 5790)
  17. rizky_p

    ~1 year Old Blue Protected Trustfire 2500 discharge.

    I was bored today so i did this test using Hobby charger + CellLog in LogView The battery is around 1 year old and being use at least 3 times a week. Discharged 1A. Cutoff at 3.1v came up at 2135mah not bad. (DX SKU 5790)
  18. rizky_p

    Q: XRE or XPE?

    Can anyone help me. Why XPE? Should i change all my XRE light to XPE? can i drive XPE at 1A like most of my XRE lights? Does XPE brighter given the same current? What is the advantages of using XPE compared to XRE. Thanks Rizki P
  19. rizky_p

    Interesting Heatsink for LEDs

    I thought thermal pipes are for CPUs :D
  20. rizky_p

    4x 4/5 SubC inside Mag2D will it fit?

    I have done some calculation that 4x 4/5 Sub-C(Elite) will fit inside Mag 2D is that correct? It will replace a 2x LiFePo4 18650 battery currently powering a single P7 since the 4/5 SubC battery will have better runtime and efficiency with 7135 driver which i currently using. Thanks.