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  1. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired McGizmo Haiku

    It's been awhile since I've posted on CPF but I view quite often. Over the last 3 or 4 years I've purchased about 10 Haiku's from Don for my medical practice mission trips to Asia and SE Asia. I have found a couple XP-G's or 119's that were packed in pelican cases that were never used. I...
  2. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired WTS:Added - Tranquility Base 1 x CR123, McGizmo / Modoo

    These are all in "as new, unused" condition. Just added: This is an older Tranquility Base 1 x CR123 with a Steve Ku electronic switch that has seen little to no use. It has a dataLED single level high running around 750mA neutral to slightly cool. I believe this to be a Nichia 219 with a GD...
  3. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo 1 x CR123 Mule XM-L

    This is an as new, never carried McGizmo mule. I have several Haiku's and Sundrop's that meet all my needs. This has been in a Pelican case since I bought it from Don several months ago. SOLD* $375.00 shipped CONUS USPS Priority *SOLD
  4. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired WTS: ***SOLD***Tranquility Base with McGizmo Sundrop

    ****SOLD****This is an older TB Ti aleph body and tail cap with a 6 month old McGizmo single level high XM-L Sundrop head. It has been buffed to take out most scratches (not that it had many anyway) and I put a new McClicky switch and hard push boot. $350.00 shipped USPS CONUS Only SOLD
  5. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired WTS: SOLD* Tain Zenith Damascus / Ku Thud LT*SOLD

    Not being much of a collector but a user of my lights I bought this directly from Yitsan awhile back with every intention of using it but that idea went out the window as soon as I opened the box. I haven't been able to bring myself to that point so it's just going to gather dust in my safe...
  6. Ghostwalker54

    PayPal and the new federal guidelines

    I hope this is the correct place to post this but ran into an issue with PayPal today that deals with a known (and reputable as far as I can see from his many posts) seller in Singapore. It seems that they are now following our latest U.S. Government guidelines that deal with small Indonesian...
  7. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired WTS: McGizmo Haiku XM-L (SOLD), McGizmo XP-G drop-in (SPUSA)

    1.) I have four McGizmo Haiku XM-L and have only used three of them in my practice and overseas field work. This is a new, never used Haiku XM-L with the new style pocket clip. SOLD $375.00 SOLD shipped USPS Priority CONUS. I will ship International but buyer pays actual shipping costs and...
  8. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: McGizmo/Ku - Thud LT :Withdrawn

    I am selling one of my lesser used lights, a Thud LT body with a McGizmo / Steve Ku electronic switch with 6 trits and a single level (high) Sundrop LED that I had Don make for me awhile back (since I rarely use low in my work). This one has only been carried on a couple of my medical mission...
  9. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired SOLD: New McGizmo 6 volt XM-L Mule drop-in / OR Copper Tailstanding shroud

    Bought a 2xCR123 Mule a couple of months bake from Don and realized within a few minutes that it won't meet my needs. "SOLD" $100.00 shipped CONUS Only! Bought one too many of the Oveready custom copper tailstanding shrouds. "SOLD" $30.00 shipped CONUS Only! Thanks for looking!
  10. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired FOUND: WTT: Thud LT body for TB body

    I have several Thud LT bodies that I have obtained along the way so I would like to trade a user for a user. A Ti Thud LT body ONLY for a Ti Tranquility Base body ONLY. Minor use marks on Thud so I am looking for same. PM for photo swap. Wanting a 1 X CR123 body! Prefer CONUS only please!
  11. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired FOUND: Thud LT without trits

    Looking to buy a Thud LT without trits. This is like looking for a needle in a haystack but if you don't ask you don't find! For my needs I'll happily consider frankenlights as long as it is the Thud LT body with a good quality Ti tailcap and head. I don't need a 1000 lumen OTF either. I really...
  12. Ghostwalker54

    Don's contribution to Titanium and the Medical Professional

    Titanium is used in the medical industry for a wide variety of replacement parts and augmented items (i.e. screws, rods and plates for orthopedic and dental surgery) as well as many instruments to get the job done. The most common types of titanium for medical use today are 6AL4V and 6AL4V ELI...
  13. Ghostwalker54

    McClicky for SW01 fatty?

    Can anyone tell me if the oveready McClicky switch kit will fit the Surefire SW01 fatty without any additional modifications:anyone:?
  14. Ghostwalker54

    Help needed for parts and ideas with a TB head

    Recently purchased a Tranquility Base head that either wasn't actually taken apart to see if it was original or the individual knew and represented it as such anyway. Whoever modded the head did a halfass job of it. The emitter is the same as Don's McGizmo Haiku, Sundrop or Mule in that it looks...
  15. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired WTS/WTT TL Ti Aelph and TnC Aelph with Malkoff VME heads and Drop-ins :ALL SOLD

    WTS/WTT 1. Torch Lab Ti Aelph split body with Malkoff Ti VME head and M61 Drop-in mint, unused, titanium button with McClicky switch has 3 tritium slots and fully O-ringed to seal against moisture. This light will take the 18650 protected battery or can be delrin sleeved for cr123's. I also...
  16. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired Torch Lab H3 L/M/H Regulated 1600 L and Malkoff M61 drop-in's, new / unused

    I have a new, unused Torch Lab H3 Triple Three Level L/M/H (1600 L) P60 drop-in and a Malkoff M61 (260 L) P60 Drop-in. The Torch Lab Triple: $150. shipped USPS Priority, CONUS ONLY Sold Malkoff M61: $50. shipped USPS Priority, CONUS ONLY
  17. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired Torch Lab Titanium E-series Style 82 18650 body and flaired tail, new / unused

    Purchased this from Tom a couple months ago only to realize that it did not meet my needs (it would actually exceed them if I could rely on rechargable batteries). Unfortunately I don't always have a reliable source of electricity. Made in USA from domestic 6Al4V titanium Tails are E-series...
  18. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired WTB: Oveready Solid CopperTailstanding Shroud for E1/E2

    Looking to buy one of the Oveready custom solid copper tailstanding shrouds for the E1/E2 tailcap.
  19. Ghostwalker54

    Sold/Expired WTS: Tripple Copper H3 LMH Cool XPG2

    Having to revamp our medical mission trip to China and amount of equipment being taken. Just received one of Tom's Ti versions with this same engine so that is the one that will make the trip. $334 + 3% Paypal. $339 + 3% Paypal if you want insurance. Deal has to be done intime for me to ship...