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  1. Bolster

    Does the ZL H6XX need the over-the-top strap?

    Just became owner of an H604c, my first 18650 Zebra. Very fine headlamp. It came with the newer "seatbelt" style strap which includes an over-the-top strap in addition to the around-the-head strap. The headlamp weighs 3 oz w/cell. Do most folks leave the over-the-top strap on, or take it off...
  2. Bolster

    Ultralight or Lightweight Neutral 1AA

    Looking for a lightweight but durable handheld 1AA flashlight to put in my ultralight pack. A compromise beam would be best (neither flood nor throw). Currently using a high-CRI 4Sevens Qmini AA, it's 1.2 oz with a lithium AA. Can I get lighter? The battery by itself is 0.6 oz. My current pick...
  3. Bolster

    Fenix Outfitters Odd "Accept Then Reject" Policy

    A little over a week ago, Fenix Outfitters took my order by website, accepted my VISA credit card as payment, sat on my order for a week, then sent (via paypal, so the notice looked spammish, not from FO themselves) a notice they'd cancelled my VISA order and wanted paypal instead. When I...
  4. Bolster

    Neutral or Warm LED Drop-in for 3D Maglite?

    Can you point me to a neutral or warm dropin LED for a 3D Maglite? I've searched the Malkoff website and don't see neutral or warm. Other options?
  5. Bolster

    Fiber Optic Light to Fool Video Surveillance Camera

    I know the title sounds nefarious, but hear me out. I have a video surveillance system, the camera lenses of which are surrounded by many LED IR lights for night vision. At the bottom of this ring of IR lights, is a photo cell that tells the IR lights when to turn on (ie, around dusk). My...
  6. Bolster

    How to fix this non-contact problem - solder aluminum?

    A Romisen neutral-tint light that I own, became unreliable. So I pulled it apart, and after considerable testing, discovered that my connection problem was between the outer and inner "cylinders" or "tubes" you see that are closest to the viewer in the photo below. You can just see a thin dark...
  7. Bolster

    Does 4xAA or 6xAA Neutral (or Hi CRI) Exist?

    Does a 4xAA or 6xAA in a neutral tint (or even better, hi-CRI) exist? Or is this configuration a Yeti-type fantasy animal?
  8. Bolster

    Why does headlamp switch to turbo mode when I key a nearby FRS radio?

    The other day, working in an attic with my Spark SX5 headlamp, I was surprised that every time I keyed an FRS radio to speak to a colleague, the Spark headlamp would go into turbo mode on its own. When I was done talking and let up on the radio key, my headlamp would return to the lower mode I...
  9. Bolster

    I demand an interchangeable bezel Zebralight Headlamp with o-ring

    Riffing off the "I demand a dual-LED Zebralight Headlamp" about a ZL with interchangeable screw-down bezels, sealed with a nice beefy o-ring that doesn't leak? Alternate bezels would allow you to shape the beam spread (and even tint & color) to your preference.
  10. Bolster

    Spark SX5 Mini Review

    I requested a Spark SX5 Neutral for Christmas and I apparently fooled Santa into thinking I was a good boy this year, because he (or rather ‘she’) delivered. I was beguiled by the SX5’s bright advertised lumens, its long runtime, and the fact it can be powered by three of the cells I’ve...
  11. Bolster

    Helmets and Hats for Headlamps

    Sometimes a headlamp mounted on a helmet or hat is just the ticket. But what are the "good" helmets and hats for such purposes? I may be the only person interested in the question, but on the chance I'm not, thought I'd start a thread on it with my limited experience, and hope to learn as this...
  12. Bolster

    Backup Bump Cap - On The Cheap

    My main hardhat/headlamp arrangement is a nice Petzl climber's helmet with a Spark SD52NW. But for a backup option (one for the car/CERT, or earthquake prep, or work around home when the gear is at the job) I've made this backup "bump cap" option and it's working really well. It's CHEAP, which...
  13. Bolster

    I would like to see Spark make some high CRI lights.

    Am I alone? Why aren't they playing in the CRI market?
  14. Bolster

    Help me find 2AA High CRI

    What are my options for an off-the-shelf 2AA High CRI? Tint can be anywhere between dead neutral and warm. I lego'd together a 2AA high CRI Quark with a 123 head and I love it; if no off the shelf options I'll repeat that trick. What I would really like to find is a no-hotspot light, if...
  15. Bolster

    Any Reports on Terralux Lightstar Trucolor High CRI?

    I was looking through Battery Junction's offerings for High CRI and found the Terralux Lightstar Trucolor High CRI. Anyone had experience with it? 3 hrs at 185 lumen with High CRI seems pretty good to me...
  16. Bolster

    ShiningBeam Spark XP-G Neutral

    I'm considering purchasing the ShiningBeam Spark XP-G Neutral, but can find little objective information on it. I've heard it's quite floody. Any advice before I pull the trigger at $34?
  17. Bolster

    Headlamp I've never heard of: Light and Motion Urban 500.

    Hot linked image removed. A company called "Light and Motion" makes an Urban series of headlamps/handlebar lamps. They're on sale now at a source called yugster for $105 but I won't link for fear of violating rules. Here's a link to a review, at least, those are kosher aren't they...
  18. Bolster

    The NEW H502 "Wet Poll" - Is Your H502 Waterproof?

    Edit: Poll now closed. See post #29 for analysis. Given we lost data on the previous "H502 Wet Poll," and given that I received several criticisms (with which I agree!) for setting up the poll badly, I propose we start over here. The objective is to see if there is a systematic leakage problem...
  19. Bolster

    Whatever happened to Spark's SD5?

    Was supposed to be a 1AA floody headlamp, I thought. Vaporware? Was looking forward to an interchangeable bezel 1AA flooder.
  20. Bolster

    Are all Fenix headlamps still strong cool spot type?

    I haven't been paying attention: are all the Fenix headlamps still of the strong spot (with spill) type? Have they made any floody lamps yet (meaning, 60 degree spread or more, and even floody beam)? Second, has Fenix gotten around to neutral or warm or CRI emitters yet?

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