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  1. HIDblue

    Fenix PD40 MT-G2 images and Beamshots

    Awesome pics and beamshots andreas! Thanks for taking all the time to do that. This PD40 is on my short list. I have the 4Sevens MMU-X3 and I like the size and form factor, but the UI is just 'eh' on the 4Sevens.
  2. HIDblue

    Review: Fenix LD02 (XP-E2, 1x AAA, 100 lumens)

    Nice review kj2 and great size comparison shots! I absolutely do not need this light but I'm such a sucker for 1xAAA clicky lights. Out of curiosity, have you tried running a 10440 battery in it? I'm sure it's not supported or recommended, but wonder if it would work in this little light.
  3. HIDblue

    ThruNite TN35, Cree MT-G2,2750 Lm,3x18650, REVIEW ,Lots of Beamshots

    Re: ThruNite TN35, Cree MT-G2,2750 Lm,3x18650, Review( No Text Yet) ,Lots of Beamshot Flashlion...great, great pics! Really well done and the gifs are super helpful. Thank you!
  4. HIDblue

    Surefire 6P + 2xRCR123 + which dropin?

    +1. Get the Triple XP-G2 version of this and it'll blow you away...or at least it did for me. My old school, round body 6P was brought back from the dead with this drop-in. Plus, it's only about $32 w/CPF discount. I'm also running a rechargeable 17670 li-ion and it works great.
  5. HIDblue

    Fenix E12 Due to Start Selling January 27

    I might be in the minority here but I wish they kept the forward clicky with momentary activation.
  6. HIDblue

    Foursevens Maelstrom MMU-X3 (3*XM-L2, 1600lm) pictures, impressions

    Wow, that's some great photography gopajti! What kind of camera/lens are using?
  7. HIDblue

    SPORTAC® P60 drop-ins ©2014 Eagtac™ LLC

    Re: SPORTAC® P60 drop-ins ©2014 Eagtac LLC Hmm...thanks for the info. Like others have said, I'm really enjoying the rather large hotspot of the triple XP-G2. Very useful when walking my shepherd at night.
  8. HIDblue

    SPORTAC® P60 drop-ins ©2014 Eagtac™ LLC

    Re: SPORTAC® P60 drop-ins ©2014 Eagtac LLC Got one of the triple XP-G2 units and put it in my old school, round body Surefire 6P. The drop-in comes in a clear 35mm film type plastic canister with the Sportac label. The retaining ring on my sample at the head of the drop-in was very...
  9. HIDblue

    Reasonably priced handhelds for family disaster kit?

    I've got some Foursevens Quark 2xAA lights in each of my earthquake/disaster kits at home/cars. Simple UI (head tightened for high and head loosened for low or other user selected output), decent output with the floody XM-L, and uses readily available AA (lithium, eneloops, etc.). The Quark...
  10. HIDblue

    Nitecore SRT6 battery options

    The newer Eagletac 3100 or 3400 mAh batteries have actual button tops.
  11. HIDblue

    ThruNite Lynx - 1000 customizable lumens

    Thanks for the review. Always enjoy your youtube reviews as well.
  12. HIDblue

    Photo Freedom saves the day

    Good story...and a notable's always better to have any flashlight on you rather than no light at all. A while back I put a Photon on all of my keychains. They're super lightweight, unobtrusive and actually put out a good amount of light in pitch black settings like you found...
  13. HIDblue

    FourSevens Maelstrom MMU-X3

    I broke down and bought the MMU-X3. So far, I'm really enjoying everything about the light except the UI. Fit and finish are excellent and it's quite a diminutive little light for a triple XM-L2. IMHO...the only downside of the MMU-X3 is the UI. My previous concerns about the UI were...
  14. HIDblue

    Fenix TK76 Review

    Wow, great photos...especially, the outdoor beamshots!
  15. HIDblue

    Zebralight H600 MKII Available? Other options?

    The stock headbands that are coming out from ZL now have a top strap. HUGE improvement over the single strap headband design that ZL previously used. Seems to support the weight of the ZL H602W quite well.
  16. HIDblue

    Overready "Ice" just arrived - wow

    Wow, I don't know how I missed that thread about your lights being in Oblivion! Congratulations Dan!
  17. HIDblue

    Overready "Ice" just arrived - wow

    Thanks for the front end pics! Very nice. I'm curious to see the beam pattern with the emitters set up that way. Could be the photo, but I don't see a reflector of any kind. Is it a mostly flood type light?
  18. HIDblue

    Recommendations for LED torch for general UK police patrol work

    Since you're open to using 18650 rechargeable batteries, you may also want to look at the Klarus XT11. It's not the brighest 1x18650 light at 820 Lumens, but the UI (User Interface) is very good for your application. There are 2 switches on the primary for on/off and momentary on...
  19. HIDblue

    FOURSEVENS Quark Pro QP2L-X SAFE battery options

    +1. Same here, I've been running AW17670 batteries in my old Quark X 123^2 tactical and the new Quark QT2L-X Burst model without a hitch.
  20. HIDblue

    Zebralight H600 MKII Available? Other options?

    If you're looking for a headlamp for mostly close-up or within near proximity use, I'd highly recommend the ZL H602W. It's all flood/no reflector...there is a slight hotspot if you go white wall hunting, but I do not notice it all during actual use. And the tint on the one I purchased is...

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