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    Anybody know Mac's status?

    You may have to get the largest 4S Lipo pack that will fit. My stock pack died after 1 1/2 years.
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    READ ME: Mac's Contact Information

    At least I got my 2 hosts back :) I have numerous collections from Mac, some of which are one of a kind. I left 2 FIVEMEGA hosts with him for modifications and it'd been several years with no results. I sent him email a few times asking for the host back and one day I got the reply that he...
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    Anybody know Mac's status?

    Yes, that is the one that I used, still no replies. I also posted on his Facebook and still waiting....:confused:
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    Anybody know Mac's status?

    May I ask what email address you used? xxxxx.
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    Need to know who is the new Mac?

    The Lux-rc FL-33 is a well designed and sexy looking BUT you will have to wait a lot longer than you expect. One of mine is more than 2 years and the clip is not even arrived yet.:popcorn:
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    How long is the typical wait time for an order?

    I have several of Mac's creations and YES, they are well worth waiting.
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    Happy Birthday Mac

    :party::party::party: Happy Birthday Mac :party::party::party: +9999999999 and many MORE.........
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    Copper P60 Tri-XP-G Modules

    Mac, hope you don't mind. The copper one looks like below: By itself can be a show piece. :thumbsup:
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    Tri XP-G / XP-E P60 Drop-In

    Hope one of those is mine...:)
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    Mac & Hinderer

    Since when you last heard that the clone / copy is priced HIGHER than the original one??? I am confused....
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    Photos Of Mac's EDC Lights

    I have a few:
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    Mac & Hinderer

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    Tri XP-G / XP-E P60 Drop-In

    :paypal: for 1 XP-E. Thanks, Tanasit
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    Tri-EDC 2nd Run *All Shipped*

    Re: Tri-EDC 2nd Run *FULL* This is what I mean:
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    Tri-EDC 2nd Run *All Shipped*

    Re: Tri-EDC 2nd Run *FULL* I just received my Copper Neutral Clip and it is the most beautiful piece I own and I DO own a lot of flashlights. Thanks Mac
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    Post pictures of your SST50 EDC

    I don't carry them though.
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    Where do I find a software that will alert me via my cellphone when Mac starts the sale thread?? :popcorn:
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    SST-50 EDC Light 2nd Run *All Shipped*

    Re: SST-50 EDC Light 2nd Run *Closed* :thumbsup: My aluminum one with clip arrived today...super s m o o t h everywhere I touch it....:twothumbs:twothumbs Thanks Mac..
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    High Powered "D" [email protected] Drop in *Updated with Prototype*

    Re: High Powered "D" Maglite Drop in *Feeler* I am in too at least 1 for D size. :D
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    SST-50 EDC Light 2nd Run *All Shipped*

    Re: SST-50 EDC Light 2nd Run *Closed* When I saw Mac's post, I took a quick look at the pics (sometime prices too) and never read the rest just post "I will take it" right away with NO other details. Next, I read the thread and see how other members selected the options. Then I go back to...

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