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  1. ronniepudding

    Reliable make/model/source for LiFePO4 cells in 16340 (RCR123) size

    I just ordered an Xtar VP-2 charger, and I'd like to try out some LiFePO4 cells in my lights that take 16340 cells, but don't handle the higher voltage of LiCoO2 chemistry very well. I realize I'll be taking a big hit in terms of capacity, but in general I'm looking to use these lights around...
  2. ronniepudding

    Smoke alarm powered by CR123A

    I'm shopping for photoelectric smoke alarms, and I saw a "Micro" model from First Alert (P1000, ~$20 each) which runs on CR2 lithium primary batteries. It's appealing to get multiple years of service from each battery change, and also to avoid issues associated with leaking alkalines. Although...
  3. ronniepudding

    Preon & Lumintop Worm Lego: The Clicky Worm

    Out of curiosity, I tried putting a Lumintop Worm head onto a classic Preon body... Works good, and looks good too!
  4. ronniepudding

    Sold/Expired TRADED!: Inova XO3 NIB (200 lumens)

    [/URL]Inova X03 by Richard Rhodes, on Flickr[/IMG] I recently received this light as a gift, but I don't care for the 2xCR123 form factor. Still unopened, but the packaging allows for activating the switch, so I'm sure that it works. 2 modes, 200 lumen high. I suspect this is not the latest...
  5. ronniepudding

    Sold/Expired WTB/WTT Foursevens Quark A series body, and related accesories

    Do you have a 1xAA body tube for a Foursevens Quark that you're not using? I could use 1 or 2 of them, and would also be interested in related accessories as follows: - deep carry pocket clip - battery storage caps - Pro tailcap - Turbo flat tailcap - A/L series holster I realize that I can...
  6. ronniepudding

    Quark Click owners, please help me out

    How long does your Quark Click need to be off in order to memorize the previous mode? I read a description (by Reppans) of the UI that says .5 seconds off or longer will memorize, and shorter than .5 seconds off will advance to the next mode. Otherwise there has been remarkably little posted...
  7. ronniepudding

    Help me choose my last flashlight

    ... well, maybe not my LAST flashlight, but I'm drawing a line in the sand and have decided that if I buy another one after this, I have to give away or sell one of the current collection. So in that sense, this is a big flashaholic milestone for me =). As much as I enjoy looking at the new...
  8. ronniepudding

    Millite Finger Light[email protected]/15547792027/ I received this "finger light" in error from an online vendor, and I will be sending it back to them shortly... however, I like the concept and am curious if anyone knows of another -- hopefully more reasonably priced and higher quality...
  9. ronniepudding

    1xCR123 light for camping... anything comparable to Olight S10-L2 w/ these criteria?

    I recently acquired an Atom AL headlamp, which I like very much and will bringing with me on my next camping trip. However, the Atom is my first CR123 light, and I'd like to pair it with a small, relatively inexpensive light with a reflector that runs off the same power source. I'm not looking...
  10. ronniepudding

    Zebralight H502c L2

    I was just looking at Zebralight's website, and they have new headlamps in stock... an "L2" version of their Luxeon-based lamps. I'm specifically looking at the H502c model (Item # ZLH502c-2), and the changes since the old 502c that are immediately obvious are: The battery tube on this new...
  11. ronniepudding

    Lighten7 Conve A1A

    I enjoy 1xAA lights, and came across this product while browsing the website of an online retailer: I'm unfamiliar with the manufacturer, and found no significant commentary when searching the LED Flashlights forum. Does anyone have experience...
  12. ronniepudding

    Sunwayman R10A owners - does this light use PWM for low mode?

    Sort of jonesing for a new 1AA light, and was looking at the Sunwayman R10A ... Can any owners of this light tell me if the low mode shows signs of PWM?
  13. ronniepudding

    Questions on premium headlight bulbs, and impressions of strandard Flosser halogens

    I have a 1998 Volvo S70, and have been using Sylvania Xtravision H7 bulbs for a while now with good results. There is no reason I've been using them other than convenience (Sylvania is what's for sale in the Walmarts and AutoZones around here). I had a headlight bulb burn out today, and picked...
  14. ronniepudding

    Circuit "noise" in 1xAA lights: EagleTac D25A, Nitecore MT1A, and Fenix LD12

    Circuit "noise" in 1xAA lights: EagleTac D25A, Nitecore MT1A, and Fenix LD12 I've been looking for a decent 1xAA light in the $40-$50 range, and I keep reading reviews of (what otherwise seemed like) good contenders talking about circuit noise, especially in the lower modes. Specifically, 1)...
  15. ronniepudding

    Incandescent bulb suggestions for 5D Maglite running on 6AA NiMh Eneloop

    [I tried posing this in the modders forum, but haven't gotten any replies, so I'm trying here...] I've settled on a cheap and easy method to put 6AA Eneloops into my 5D Maglite using assorted PVC plumbing bits, -- and I'm under the impression that might provide a very modest gain in output...
  16. ronniepudding

    Incan bulb suggestions for 5D Maglite conversion to 6AA

    I've been reading up on the various Maglite mods that folks have documented on CPF, and I'm at once impressed and overwhelmed. My initial goal is very modest -- to replace the heavy D cells with easily-procured, rechargeable AAs. I've settled on a cheap and easy method to put 6AA Eneloops in...
  17. ronniepudding

    Convertible 1xAA and 2xAA light with neutral white tint

    By convertible, I mean it comes with (or there is readily available as an accessory) an extension tube or alternate body tube so that the same head and tailcap can run on either 1xAA or 2xAA. Examples I've been looking at are: 1) Olight S15 Baton XM-L2 (~$45, free shipping from Amazom) Pros...
  18. ronniepudding

    Describing LED tint and CRI to a non-flashaholic

    I'm trying to help my brother choose a new headlamp, and I've narrowed it down to the Zebralight H502. However there are several emitter choices, and I'm trying to explain them. Have I done a good job of explaining this in an unbiased way? I'd also be curious to hear if I've gotten anything...
  19. ronniepudding

    Nichia 219 in Xeno E03 V3

    I'm looking at the Xeno E03 v3, and noticed that it comes with an optional Nichia 219 emitter. I'm new to the benefits of this LED, but after doing some reading I'm gathering that it is (was?) well regarded in illuminating a broader band of spectrum (i.e., better color rendering) than some of...

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