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    The brighter cyclist 2016-17 light reviews

    Bit of back story I started sourcing lights back in august for some group test. 5 months, 19 videos, 149 gb of footage, 3 group test later I've finally finished my reviews. Here's the full playlist of 2016/17 videos and...
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    Has anyone used

    I searching for some feed back on these guys before I make a purchase has any one used them / had any issues?
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    Acebeam K40M flashlight review

    I've got another flashlight review for you. This was supplied by Acebeam for review, and I get to keep the light. Pleas let me know what you think And don't forget to like and subscribe. copy and pasted the spec list for you. all the out puts are manufacture rated so I cant verify. All I...
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    Magicshine MJ-890 review.

    When it comes to typing I'm a man of few words but I can talk. Here's my review....
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    Fenix rechargeable dual beam BTR20 vs BT20 Hi guys here's my video review / comparison video of the BTR20 by fenix. The light was supplied by MYFENIX in the UK. I hope you like the review.
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    my first charger review Xtar vp1

    Hi guys, Xtar recently supplied me with their VP1 charger and asked me to review it. I hope you like it, any questions please ask away and I'll try to answer them for you. Operation Temperature: Room temperature 0~40℃ Input AC: 12V DC 1000mA 0.25A CC :250mAh±30mAh 0.5A CC :500mAh±50mAh 1.0A...
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    xtar bk12 bike light review review

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    Xeccon sogn 900 dual XML

    Here's my review of the xeccon sogn dual XML bike light supplied by xeccon for review. Let me know what ya'll think. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
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    Xeccon spiker 1211 mini spot review

    First of yes I was given this for review, secondly its an ok light but far from perfect but for £52 its short comings are forgivable and communications with xeccon and mtbr evolution have been great I was given a light to review as part of the xeccon exposure campaign, the xeccon spiker is an...
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    fenix pd35 video review

    Hi Guys please let me know what you think, and yes I'm on the Toilet. Just sitting though I'm not doing anything else. :D
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    Spark ST6 programable alternative

    I'm gutted that I've lost my SPark ST6 a few weeks ago. I used it on my helmet for biking I would buy another one but I always found the lack of zebralight style UI annoying. Is there another light out there that can throw as well as the st6 as a head light. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk...
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    Spark sd6 home brew mount

    I saw lupine are playing with a gopro piko mount and thought that could work on the spark sd6 and st6 So now I can quickly switch helmets with out transferring the mounts. And I can use it on my vent less urge helmet as well as my hard hat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    fenix bt20 bike light review and pictures

    Heres the first part of my fenix bt20 review and some pictures take note of the reflectors fine orange peel at its base as well as smooth reflector and Fresnel lens
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    cool interbike 2011 article about bike lights very interesting it talks about 2012 bike lights
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    Upgrading from 2.2ah to 3.1ah spark st6 500

    Hi guys I was wondering what the expected run time would be on a spark st6 would be if I up graded from my AW 2200mah batts to the 3100 mah redilast? Any ideas.
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    sig size testing

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    Sold/Expired surefire bored 6p + ultrafire

    pictures to follow ultrafires know sold ultra fire 6p clone number 1 with led r2 droping light use some slight marks includes pouch and 2 unprotected 16340 bateries £15 posted reduced £10 ultra fire 6p clone number 2 with led r2 droping light use some slight marks includes pouch and 2...
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    spyderco ffg delica in blue

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    byrd finch bottle opener mod

    :poke::D I thought I would give this a go its not pritty but it works well as a bottle opener
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    I would like a uk legal folder but what?

    :ohgeez:I really fancy a non locking folder uk legal edc type knife. I really like the idea of a spyderco uk penkife, but they are to expensive for my pocket. can some one recomend some thing like the spyderco just cheaper.