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    Low battery indicator

    I've allways heard that .8v is the minimum for NiMh. Care to share any more details about your circuit?
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    AA rechargeable batteries - good buy

    I bought 30 of those about a year ago from there. So far I'm still pretty happy with them...and they even forgot to charge me for them!
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    Will this light up a flourescent tube?

    Yes, I already have some of the tubes removed from the balast. Seems that the tubes are rated at about 10,000 hours but the balast only lasts for about 100 starts...
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    Will this light up a flourescent tube?

    Actually, I didn't see that before...but I find it interesting...
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    Will this light up a flourescent tube?

    I have a bunch of those compact flourescent bulbs that screw into a regular light socket. (the kind with the spiral shaped tube) Right now I have one in a lantern thing that I made...but the problem is to use it I have to plug it into a power inverter to bring the voltage up to 115v AC. Can...
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    5 watt Luxeon questions...

    Yeah yeah yeah...I like to worry! I just thought of something else to ask...if a 5 watt is made from 4 1 watt dies, why is it not 4 watts?
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    How do I take the switch out of a mag?

    I have a 2D Mag/EverLED combo that has a little problem. When the bulb holder is moved up and down (as in focusing the head) the light flickers in and out. Probably from when I tested the (non) waterproof abilities and didn't dry it out until a few days later. Anyway, can somebody tell me how...
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    5 watt Luxeon questions...

    Is the one watt still at something like 100,000 hours? Why is the 5 watt so low? If I was to find an older 5 watt...maybe in the for sale section here...would that be rated longer? I know I'm being pickey here, but if I'm going to go through the trouble to make something like this (and pay for...
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    5 watt Luxeon questions...

    Alright, some of you might want to kill me for saying this, but my main (and brightest) flashlight is a 3D Mag with an EverLED inside, and to tell you the truth I am quite happy with it. Anyway...I'm thinking about doing a full mod on the light and going with a 5 watt. Can I expect it to be 5...
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    Removing epoxy from the lens of a SE Luxeon?

    [ QUOTE ] Rothrandir said: you could try flicking it off with a sharp knife, but the flanges of the se are very thin, and looking at them is sometimes enough to bend them i still wonder why everled doesn't make a hd version! [/ QUOTE ] Yeah, I did a group buy on a big bunch of everleds a...
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    Removing epoxy from the lens of a SE Luxeon?

    I have an EverLED that has a drop of the expoxy used on the base stuck to the top of the SE Luxeon on top. Anybody know how I can get it off? I would just pick it off but I'm afraid I'm going to break off the top of the luxeon or take a small chunk out of it. The way it is now there is a dark...
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    Li-Ion Charger IC for $1.66

    Might it be possible to find an old cell phone battery or something of similar voltage and use the protection circuit from that?
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    High battery discharge rate - does it do damage?

    I know that if you have a NiMh battery of, say, 2000mah, and you discharge it at about 2 amps, you aren't going to get 2000mah out of it. Is that the only problem with discharging at a high rate? Will it hurt the battery if I was to use maybe 2C?
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    Li-Ion Charger IC for $1.66

    Hi's been a while since I've had time to visit this forum. This thing looks like something even I could build - I've been wanting some way to cheaply charge bare lithiums for a while now. There is one thing I am confused about - is this meant only as a charger, or will this also...
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    Any free virus software?

    All these recent worms have started to make me worry. Normally, I have a copy of norton that is updated and came with my laptop. I just use it from my laptop to search all the hard drives on my home network for viruses. Well, a few days ago my laptop craped out and I haven't talked to dell about...
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    timing belts vs chains

    I beleive the factory chain in my Cherokee is rated at 300,000 miles before it needs to be changed.
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    Inexpensive digital current meter suggestions

    I got two meters at Harbor Freight a while ago for like $2.99. Digital and measure up to 10 amps...along with all kinds of other measurements. I'd say they work quite well for 3 bucks.
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    How much power does a CCFT use?

    I think I'm going to make myself some sort of CCFT light with one of these inverters: Can anyone tell me aproximately how much power that would use?
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    Interesting airprt experience with light "arsenal"

    Re: Interesting airprt experience with light So they were just fine with them as soon as you showed them they worked? Just imagine what you could hide inside of even a small flashlight...with a coin cell battery to make it "work".
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    Giant battery to power air base

    Wow...did it say how many amp hours the battery is? I didn't see it in there...