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    itp type headlamp

    Are there any aluminum headlamps out there with the same configuration like the old itp H-01 AAA headlamp?
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    is there a list of AAx2 neutral lights?

    My blue tint LEDs won't work for SAR. I'm told to get incandescent. I'm hoping there are neutral emitter LED in a AAx2 format that'll work. Preferably XP-G or XM-L Thanks
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    AAA1 flashlight

    My Battery Junction Illumina Ti has died :( and Battery Junction said they can not be repaired only replaced :scowl:. I've been to 4 sevens, iTP and Fenix's web site. Without going into a diatribe, I found that nothing there really excites me. So, what's new in the world of pocket AAA1 flashlights.
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    Plia charger and AW 2600 18650 batteries

    RE:Plia charger and AW 2600 18650 batteries Where can I purchase both of these in the same place? I can find them at different locations but I would like to save on shipping.
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    18650 battery and chhrger for a DereeLight cl1hv4 nohs

    I just ordered a Dereelight CL1H4V NOHS. Now I need to get batteries and a charger for it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    handheld flood only flashlight

    XP-G R5
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    handheld flood only flashlight

    Which P60 modlue emits flood and which emits throw? And where are the sites that carry what you mention?
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    handheld flood only flashlight

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    handheld flood only flashlight

    I already have (which I thoroghly like) the 3AAA Javelin but I would like something similar but brighter and longer battery life. We did a mock search last light and had to find standard playing cards at night in grass, brush and trees. With this exercise we had 15 minutes. In a real search it...
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    Do you really use 0.2 lumen?

    I, to, have gone to the dark side. My main house light for going to onto the kids rooms (kids, HA!! 19 and 17) is my ZL 501 on low. This saves me from a verbal thrashing at the hands of said children if they awake by my intrusion. I used it just yesteday morning (James Taylor). I used it to...
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    I'm looking for a tough, waterproof and reliable headlamp...

    I'm guess a few days at a time at most. I did forget to mention I am trying to stick with AA battery format since all my other lights use AA eneloops Yes, I just order a PETZL Vertex Best Rescue Helmet. I hope to find a variable adjustment light for both situations. I have both a flood and a...
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    I'm looking for a tough, waterproof and reliable headlamp...

    The vigorous activity of reading in bed at night was when my headlamp failed and a front pocket carry light (I do not call it an EDC light for reasons stated below) that lasted all of 3 months before it died. That light was used less than 10 minutes a week and that was just to compare beams...
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    I'm looking for a tough, waterproof and reliable headlamp...

    ...that won't break the bank. I've started up with Mountain Search and Rescue (MSAR). My first training will be Swift Water Rescue. I have a couple ZebraLight headlamps but problems with the lights, 3 months of waiting for warranty repairs and less than steller customer service tell me NOT to...
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    H501w flickering

    I had that problem with mine when I first got it. ZL gave me a RA# and replaced it. It took about 6 weeks but it did get replaced.
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    more power than a Javenlin

    What light has a flood light like the Javelin but with more power.
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    durable light and, at the least, good customer service

    What has been your longest lasting and best EDC service light? I've been trying to avoid spending $150+ for a Surefire; which my cop friends all swear by. But so far it would have been less expensive to get a Surefire instead of the myriad of Asain lights that clutter my shelf. After...
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    side switch single level, low power light

    Where can I find a single level, side switch light that's around 5-10 lumens?
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    Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 AA light

    After playing around with my new Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 I came up with a few observations. Even though there is a slight gritty feeling in the threads (For the price I expected a very smooth threading action) The fit and finish is quite nice. It is so pretty and shiny I could...
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    Duracell mobile charger CEF23DX4N

    With the help of a buddy; I was able to procure 4 Duracell Moble chargers CEF23DX4N. Yes, 4 of 'em. Each charger comes with 2 AA and 2 AAA precharged batteries inserted in the battery bays. For a plastic until; it is really quite solid. I would not drop it on a concrete floor or anything...
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    Disco mode

    In the past year I've wondered how the strobe mode (which is what this post regards, not the beacon or sos) could be useful. Oh sure, I've had fun with it. Freakin' out the wife and kids a few times but that was about it. Until last week. The wife and I were taking a late evening walk. It...