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    Is it my imagination or, is this Forum declining?

    There is so little going on with flashlights that at that I decided to customize my titanium water bottle with a titanium skull!
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    Is it my imagination or, is this Forum declining?

    There's nothing really going on as far as lights.. no game-changing Technologies. No really and truly unique designs. I even have money in my pocket for a new flashlight I just haven't seen anything that blows me away. Nothing that leaves my old lights in the dust..
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    Is TURBOGLOW worth the money?

    Just another thing to note that's pretty damn cool is if you stick it in hot water it starts glowing brighter again.. using water that was hot from the tap I got it as bright as it was 10 mins into the test.. thats after 40 sec of submersion.
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    Is TURBOGLOW worth the money?

    1st photo is beginning..4.5 hours later with acclimating to the dark 6x8ft room I can still make out med/ large objects in the room and see the walls. Keep in mind my rod is 10in tall 2.2in wide. The company sent more than I bought lol.
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    Is TURBOGLOW worth the money?

    I ordered a 2.2in x 9in round of Turboglow in green last week.. one of those 3:30am night shift purchases.. along with a 45w UV light.. I better be impressed!! Both should be here by tomorrow. I'll try to get some glow times and cool photos.
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    Show your nightstand flashlight!

    Always have my titanium Thrunite AAA near the bed or in my pocket.
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    Prometheus Alpha

    I wanted the ti alpha.. till i read it was grade 2 titanium.. so no real dent resistance. And they have balls asking that much for that grade of ti also.. 600+ i mean come on.
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    Review: Nitecore BR35: double-headed bikelight, 1800 lumens, beamshots, compare

    Yeah looks pretty comparable to my cygolite but mine is the older 1000 Lumen model. I may have to get this one because I'm sick of the cygolite remote battery pack and dealing with the proprietary charger. Not to mention the buttons are confusing and pretty close together in a line. Amazingly...
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    [Review] - Nitecore TM10K - 6x XHP35 HD, 10.000lm, 21700 4800mAh - by Lock

    Very strange holster set up with an open bottom when the only thing holding it in is a clip you can miss clipping if you're not paying attention. Of course who actually uses the nitecore holsters right? :-) But yeah the writing on the side and the built-in battery just kill it for me like many...
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    The Ideal EDC Flashlight: A Comprehensive Essay and In-Depth Comparison

    I had a mcgizmo mule and the LED died on me in about 7 months. That's when I came to the realization that when it's going to happen it's just going to happen it doesn't matter the price that you pay. High-end flashlights die randomly just like the cheaper ones do ..admittedly less often. So I...
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    Length of flashlight in everyday service.

    My nitecore tm26 lasted me about 8 months till the built-in charger went kaput.. then I went all out and bought a titanium mcgizmo mule and that lasted about 7 months tell the LED just died on me. But so far about a year-and-a-half in my Peak LED Solutions night Patrol in stainless steel it's...
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    Lights should be expensive ---- Re: Why are Surefire lights expensive?

    It's definitely all about value.. I spent 270.00 on a Peak Night Patrol in SS about a year ago.. Im a security guard and work some days and some nights.. my flashlight has been kicked and dropped.. used to keep doors from closing.. and nutcracker.. I don't make a huge amount of money but in my...
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    Hello fellow flashlight a holic's!, just wanted to share with you guys my first Kickstarter backing. Most of you guys here just like myself and appreciate quality and want something that can take a beating and keep on ticking and most definitely not made in China :-). If you're looking for...
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    Favorite 18650 powered EDC light?

    Peak led solutions makes some cool 18650s.. though hard to find. Seems they focus on keychain lights nowadays..
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    Review: Olight M2T (Tactical, 1x18650, XHP35 HD)

    Can't do a protruding tail switch every time I sit down in my security truck I'd blind myself :-(
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    Real World Reviews - The harsh realities

    Yeah I keeping a security guard warm is a good way to put them to sleep :-) I much prefer a good chilly wind to keep me awake and alert!
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    You know part of me really wants to get this light but after having my TM 26 at 4000 lumens just was too much power in an urban setting. I try and take photos with it and everything was always washed out it was just too much light. But God I still want it LOL.. and 9000 lumens has to do some...
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    So what's up with Peaks larger flashlights?

    Any info on when Peak will be releasing they're newer flashlights using 18650 batteries? I really love their stuff seeing I own a stainless steel night Patrol 600 lumen adjustable but seeing that was made in 2012 and there's so many new LED selections nowadays I'm sure many of us would like to...
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    iPhone X is here;)

    The iPhone x the beginning of the end LOL turns out they didn't sell too well!
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    Nobody is as into my lights as i am...

    My lady still doesn't know the price I paid for my mcgizmo :-) or for my Peak LED Solutions night Patrol either LOL I'd like to keep it that way! There's no way in hell she would ever understand.