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    Sub-Lummi Raw light wanted - must be available

    Hi guys, haven't posted in a while. I'm rocking my Lummi Raw NS as part of my EDC, but the DQG Spy made me look around again for smaller lights. The problem with the Spy is the 10 Lumens setting. I used to carry a Photon light that had 10 Lumens and the light is just not enough for walking...
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    Recharging Lummi Raw with regular charger

    I have a Lummi Raw and the charger below. I can't use the Nano charger because I'm in Germany. I've tried to come up with a way of charging the batteries but nothing I tried worked. Does anybody have a solution?
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    Ultra-Lightweight Light for Mountaineering/Hiking wanted

    Hello all, ultra-lightweight hiker here, glad to be here :thumbsup: I already have Fenix L2D + 2 backup batteries: 177 g Zebralight H50-Q5 + backup battery: 103 g Fenix P1D + backup battery: 74 g but I want to know if there are lights lighter (!) than the Zebralight with backup battery and...