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  1. maskman

    Take NT heatsink/LE apart?

    Is it possible to remove the NovaTac LE from the heatsink and lengthen the +/- wires? I’ve upgraded several emitters in various lights, but I have never run into such short wire leads before. I was hoping to replace my Storm emitter with a warmer tint. I found that the emitter is centered and...
  2. maskman

    D10 Q5 vs. R2 Tint

    Does anyone own D10’s in both Q5WC and R2 versions? If so is the Q5 a noticeably more neutral tint than the R2? I can’t resist the D10 calling any longer, but I’m hoping to avoid purchasing another blue tint beam. I found one post by DHart where the D10 R2 beam appears somewhat neutral...