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  1. gollum

    Zebralight SC32d // SC62d

    just pre ordered mine so glad i didn't miss this one the old SC60 is still the best all round edc I have ever had and i still use it every day even though i own lots of other Zebralights and quite a few latest release lights like the Nitecore srt 3 and 5 (great lights BTW) I still use the...
  2. gollum

    Why no stainless steal lights?

    there are plenty if you look for starters there is the c3 cree aurora make 3 or 4 thats just the cheapies I'm sure there are quite a few custom makers that use ss
  3. gollum

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I just ordered the ZL SC600 my most used light for edc is the SC60 and its perfect for my needs but I'm hoping the ZL SC600 is not too big or heavy compared to the ZL SC60 I am tempted to get the TM11 but its not an edc light (for me) I would like to see more lights like the ZL series...
  4. gollum

    Zebralight SC60 question

    just getting back to the switch coming on in your pocket... I was annoyed at this aswell so I used an old saline solution bottle from a first aid kit you can buy them very cheaply aswell they work well at protecting in the pocket and you can still leave it on the light if you need fast...
  5. gollum

    absolutely the smallest LED flashlight?

    still very much up to date though :twothumbs and HKJ does the best reviews :cool: my edc favourites are Draco for keychain...190lumens and H/M/L modes Lummis Wee is also tiny and very useful and the Deal extreme, 10 for $4.57 fauxton lights are so good for attaching on zippers backpacks...
  6. gollum

    XENO E15 V1, FARKA E09 V3, and FARKA F8 V3

    nice looking lights .... thanks for your review. I can just imagine lending one to a friend... "thanks thats a very bright little Farka you have there" the Xeno E15 looks great love the fluted barrel I will have to check the link :twothumbs
  7. gollum

    Olight Mini Titanium or Illumina Ti

    +1 me wants one too
  8. gollum

    Is a 1,000+ out-the-front lumen POCKETABLE LED light currently available?

    cheers ma_sha ... above and earlier your comments are ...illuminating :laughing: and to Yalesky ... the best option for twice the lumens is the simple flashaholics rule ... buy 2 lights :cool: actually I was wondering the same thing myself.... I read some time ago about a new invention,a...
  9. gollum

    Zebralight is going to come out with flashlights! part 2

    waiting for my sc30w I really liked my original H30 and this format looks great I have noticed that over the years most non-flashaholics don't realise flashlight switches can be hiding on the tail :p (they are on most of my lights) this will hopefully stop the usual confused looks I get when I...
  10. gollum

    Tiablo new SST-50 flashlight AS50

    thanks for showing us your pics quite a bit bigger than the A9 I see. was it much heavier? looks like a good allrounder I will have to checkout the website you mentioned :)
  11. gollum

    L-Mini II

    I bought saberwolf's mini edc p7 its great he makes a 18650 version I think
  12. gollum

    New Elzetta releases

    cheers looks interesting have to check out their site
  13. gollum

    What are your "deal killers"?

    must be water tight no strobe or cycle through modes (2 modes ideal 3 maximum) Battery rattle is annoying I know a bit of tape can fix it but I want to cycle my batteries thru different lights I won't buy a light thats longer than a similar other light bulky clips will put me off as I don't...
  14. gollum

    Tritium for the Bitz

    norland 61 devcon 2 ton epoxy and good 2-pac clear glue
  15. gollum

    Tritium for the Bitz

    yes that is what I put in my bitz (first al version) same as Ti bitz
  16. gollum

    24/7/365 Waterproof Neck Carry Light

    :popcorn: "whats that?" oh NOTHING.... :knight: c'mon pics etc:poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke::poke:
  17. gollum

    what led/uv combo

    thanks everyone :)
  18. gollum

    Throw, Flood or mix what do you like?

    I think the solution is .... be true to your flashaholism and carry at least 3 lights all the time ... a thrower a floody and a back-up :cool: oh hang on ...:thinking: a thrower and a back-up thrower a floody and its back-up and an in between all rounder .... oops hang on ... what...
  19. gollum

    18 Watt Cree UV Light

    WOW cool... what you need this for? ..were these the best uv's avail for drop-ins etc?are they still avail anywhere, if not....whats the next best thing avail atm
  20. gollum

    Lumens VS UI whats more important to you?

    I rate my nitecore EX10 as bright enough for urban edc I do like the piston drive and UI though I also carry a Sabrewolf modded P7 rcr123 that is a scorcher