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    Sold/Expired Alephs for sale

    ***EDIT*** After having thought about it, I decided to drop the prices a bit, since these weren't built to order and they aren't absolutely new.***END EDIT*** Hey guys, During the time that I was an Aleph builder, I amassed a small collection of these great lights, just because I could...
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    LiPo power sources

    Hey guys, My son and I have been playing around with RC cars lately, and amazingly enough, I started using Lithium Polymer packs with my truck for the added punch and more runtime. As with lithium ion cells there are dangers, but just about all of those dangers are rooted in the improper...
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    What are we gonna do with all of these K2s

    Hey guys, I have jumped on the band wagon, with bunches of others, in ordering K2s. Everyone, including myself, has been waiting in anticipation of these LEDs hitting the streets. The question is, "what are we going to do with them when we get them?" I know that you guys aren't getting these...
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    Sold/Expired Aluminum Bronze light bodies for sale

    Hey guys, I have a few light bodies for sale... First is this one... This is for the light body only. It is turned of aluminum bronze and is sammie compatible. It has a brass collar, mineral glass lens, and IMS 17mm reflector. I actually carried this one for a while, so it has a...
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    Aluminum Bronze 123 light

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share again. I just turned out this smallish 123 light. It has a 17mm IMS reflector, mineral glass lens, and is sandwiche compatible. It was turned from solid aluminum bronze bar stock and current has a POP board in it, with a TXOJ emitter. It is, of course, of a...
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    Micro Mill

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any experience with micro mills? I need a mill and can't afford a real one right now. Harbor Freight has one for like $300. All I need it for is small flashlight parts.
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    Home brew Aluminum Bronze Cr2 Light

    Hey guys, Things were a bit slow today, so I made a light. I had some aluminum bronze left from before Katrina, and it was no worse for the wear (or having gone swimming). Anyway, I made a Cr2 based light. It is made entirely of Aluminum Bronze. For those of you that are not familiar with...
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    Calling Daniel Welch

    Danny, If you're out there, get in touch with me via PM. If you know Danny, please pass this on. Thanks,
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    C2 Mod

    Hey guys, This isn't anything special, but there's not much going on, so... I have a customer send me a C2 body and one of those fat li-ion cells. What he wanted was to bore out the body to accommodate the cell and modify the forward portion of the body to accommodate an E series/Aleph head...
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    Benny H. are you out there?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for Benny H. and can't remember his CPF handle. If anyone knows him, please have him contact me via PM or email. Thanks,
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    Hello again!!

    Hey guys, I've been away for quite a while, and just wanted to say "hey." For those of you that have been "looking for me," PM me and we'll get things straight. I'm anticipating being able to get my shop crawling along. It's amazing, with all of the stuff in my shop that got destroyed, my...
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    Notification from Chop

    ***EDIT*** My PayPal address for account/cash transfers is [email protected] and the address for credit cards and other forms of payment is [email protected] Thanks guys. I don't know what to say. Hey guys, I know that I haven't been around much for the past month or so. I've had some...
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    Would there be any interest in....

    Hey guys, I've been building some lights for use with POP sammies, and out of curiosity, I tried running one on a primary 123. I've run luxeons direct drive at 3v on my bench, but never in an actual light with the reflector and everything. Well, I have to tell you, this thing puts out lots of...
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    Sony Vaio V505EX

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a service manual for this laptop in PDF format? Thanks,
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    Found - Looking for Daniel Welch

    I got a package from Daniel Welch that contained an HA KL3. I have no idea why this was sent to me. I checked my paypal records and see no record of a mod order. Daniel, if you see this, contact me. If anyone out there knows Daniel, please ask him to PM me. Thanks,
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    Sold/Expired TRADED - Custom hand turned Cr2 light body for ...

    Hey guys, With my recent infatuation with aluminum bronze, I had forgotten that I made this thing. It's a product of "getting my dimensions down" for future lights. Here's the pics... It is a sammie compatible, single Cr2 light body. The head and body were turned from T6 6061...
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    Aleph reflectors

    Are Aleph reflectors no longer available from the Shoppe? If they are, can someone post a link? I can't find them. Thanks,
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    Yet another light....

    Hey guys, I started getting tired of the same ole thing...aluminum, that is. I started considering other materials to make lights with. Of course, Titanium was the first thing I considered; however, its cost and lack of thermal conductivity steered me away from it. Besides, it's already been...
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    Chop - going out of town

    Hey guys, Just for those that may be interested. Something came up and I have to go out of town until Wednesday, July 6.
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    Sold/Expired ***SOLD*** FS - Hand turned 123 light

    Hey guys, I just made this light and really like it, but I have to let it go, if I can. I'm selling the light posted here... Handmade light What I am selling is the host only, as shown. Again, the sandwiche is not included. The link above should cover all of the information. I'm asking...