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    12V battery pack; low voltage; making knocking/ticking noises: Dangerous?

    Hey guys, I've got a Motomaster Eliminator battery booster/power pack. Kind of looks like this: except I can't recall how many Amps it is, and it's an...
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    Does Peak LED Solutions still take orders through their own site?

    Hi all, I was wanting to grab an El Capitan AA Neutral today from Peak LED Solutions; it doesn't look like their site's been updated for some time and I couldn't reach them. Most of their distributors seem only to carry the Cool tints of this light. Anyone try ordering from them (Peak)...
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    Dereelight Javelin - Tailcap conductivity issue?

    Hey guys, I just got a Dereelight Javelin. I'm running my Malkoff M30WF in it. I'm using three L91 AA batteries. I had to wrap the Malkoff in a lot of foil to get good contact in the head. I notice that when I'm using the AA extender to allow for a third battery, the momentary on...
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    Seeking AA/AAA light for friend; specific needs listed

    Hi everyone, A friend of mine has become fed up with the bulky, weak flashlights she keeps buying and told me that she wants something brighter, smaller and more reliable. She's not after 200 lumens or anything, and so likes the idea of a single AA or AAA light for her primary user. She's...
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    M30WF plus 3 Lith. AAAs - safe?

    Hey everyone, I'd like to try my Malkoff M30WF dropin in the Solarforce L2i (which takes three AAAs). Just wondering if anyone has any caution or experience warranting not trying three Energizer Lithium AAAs to do so. Even if they're 1.7 or 1.8 V out of the box, they still wouldn't exceed...
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    The M30WF - thoughts and thanks

    Hello CPF, This isn't a full blown review of the M30WF, but rather a few thoughts. I received the drop-in from Gene Malkoff promptly; only one or two days to reach Canada. Speedy service! I've been using it in a Solarforce "9P" (with extension tubes), and 3 AA batteries. In my case, I had...
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    Will any dropins fit in the Fenix TK40?

    I've tried a search, but couldn't find an answer to this. Is anyone aware of dropins that fit, or tried sticking different emitters in the TK40? Cheers
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    Warm/flood alternative to M30WF dropin?

    Nevermind; I'm having momentary amnesia, and found that I'd already answered my question some time back. Brain? Are you there? Hel-loooooo?
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    Changing modes on Solarforce L2 (can'

    Okay, I'd be laughing at me, too, but I cannot figure out how to change the modes on my Solarforce L2. I have the L2B Q5 18650. Is this one not multimode? I remember being told by SolarforceStore to "half touch the tailcap". Mmm, I've tried half pushing the button (it's the sort that lets...
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    Overdishcharge of protected/non protected 18650s...?

    Hello everyone, I recently received my Solarforce L2 host (just waiting for the right dropin to become available, now --- and thanks to those who steered me towards it and saved me some cash over buying a 6P instead). It came with an unprotected 18650, which I've been using as it is, in the...
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    Battery tube: non conductive inside, metal on the outside; kaboom, or safe?

    Theoretically speaking (before practice would be applied), if one were to make a narrowing battery tube for a 6P into which AA rather than CR123A primaries were inserted, and the inside wall of the tube (in which the batteries sit) was composed of something non-conductive (plastic, pvc tube...
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    Lithium AA vs. CR123A - essentially the same? Or different chemistry?

    Hey guys, I've been reading around, but I'm still not sure about this; I see that there are Lithium, non rechargeable primaries in a AA form factor, which is appealing to me. But, I'm still loathe to use CR123As in more than a single battery configuration. As far as chemistry, and I guess...
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    Running a 6P with 2 or 3 AAs - let me get this straight

    So, I've been doing more reading - now I discover that a stock Surefire 6P can (if I understand right) be run with 2 or 3 AA batteries (and I'd use a Malkoff drop in). This is another interesting option I'd been unaware of. So, the thread I'm referring to is here...
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    CR123 and 18650 Newbie Questions

    Hello everyone. The light in question may be (as in, I don't have it yet but might soon) a Solarforce L2 with the small body. The emitter, probably a Malkoff M30WLF warm low flood. Numerous alternative battery choices have been pointed out for me in another thread. However, I am also...
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    Help me configure an M30WF light...please.

    Hello everyone, After some hiatus from this crazy place, I've returned, still pondering my options for a light. On one hand, I'm still keen on having an emitter swap done. On the other hand, I revisited the Malkoff Devices site and had another look at the surefire dropins - particularly the...
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    How hot does an L2D CE Q5 get?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at a Fenix L2D CE Q5 as an EDC, except with a warmer tinted emitter instead of the Q5 in it. I've read that it can get really hot on turbo - those who've used it, just how hot is that? Unbearable long? And - can anything be done to lessen this? I don't...
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    Practical reasons for owning a laser?

    Everyone - I must add this preface before beginning: This is not intended to flame anyone! I am honestly curious about this question. What are your practical reasons for owning lasers? What do they get used for (other than the balloon popping, match lighting, shining through smoke or fog for a...
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    Explain how brightness levels work for me

    I'm still a newbie as far as understanding how stuff like this works - way back in Grade 10 science, the circuitry diagrams were most confounding, so please bear that in mind when explaining. ;) From what I understand about flashlights and brightness, based on either different user selectable...
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    Choosing a light modder/builder?

    I don't want that title to imply that I seek rankings or anything - I've looked at the custom and mod forums, but I'm not sure who to go to for what I'd like done - some of you may have read a thread by me recently, asking if the light I want exists - I got a lot of good answers, but not many...
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    Adjusting tint w/ filters...yay, or nay?

    I used the search function, but didn't find a lot. I'm wondering how to best go about altering the tint of an LED, using a colored filter. I saw something once about using photographic filters. My hope would be to try making a cool white into something warm-ish, for better outdoor color...