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    Need a new tailcap...

    Guys, My brother bought this light and the tail cap broke on him. I let him use one for my TacStar and brought his to work for let the ET work on it, but I have lost it and need to replace it. Any ideas on where to look? Thanks
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    P6 remote switch

    So either I've using the wrong terms to search or something, but I'm curious if any of you guys have tried those cheap remote switches from eBay, or if you know of a better source, please post up. Thanks
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    Magnetic light

    Guys I'm trying to find a magnetic light that I can stick to the top of my cooktop (range). There is no light there and its sucks to cook with. A battery powered light would be great up there. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Luxeon headlight I'm looking to replace my Myo 5 with a Luxeon, Cree, etc. headlight. Anyone tried this one? Or the Petzl TacTikka XP?
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    Christmas gifts?

    I'm gonna get some family members new flashlights and was wondering if LEDBeam's 3 flashlights for $53 was still the best deal going. Thanks
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    M1 owners

    What is the diameter of the body? Thx
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    Howdy all, I've been reading a lot on here since a hunting buddy sent me a link about the LEDBeam. I bought a few of them (and just ordered a lens replacement) and am really impressed (they have got to be one of the best bang for the buck flashlights out there) and am looking for a 2-CR123...