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  1. baterija

    Time to find a new EDC and give my LF3XT some rest

    Well the old LF3XT has stood the tests of daily carry but I'm looking at giving it some rest as a backup... maybe on the 2AA tube. I've been gone for months at a time in the last year so not sure I am tracking all the newer stuff even after looking around. I'm looking for: - either 1xcr123 or...
  2. baterija

    Seeking recommendations: Backup tactical light/general purpose light

    I'm looking for a light to complement two I plan to carry while conducting dismounted "armed social work." At the one end is a Surefire weapon light as the primary tactical light - either with a dropin or with the p60 and IR filter. Clipped to my vest will be one of the County Comm SOLED's in...
  3. baterija

    Firestarting with a flashlight...reflector

    Ran into something I had never heard about for survival fire starting. It talked about using a flashlight reflector to concentrate the sun. The method was removing the reflector and then sticking the tinder through from the rear so it's located where the bulb/emitter is located. Now there's...
  4. baterija

    Now that's a really low, low setting

    One photon at a time :laughing: