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    What is a cigar grip?

    Thanks for all the replies :)
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    What is a cigar grip?

    I suspected that must be it but when I searched for torch cigar grip I got no flashlight relevant info
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    Is this equivalent to a Fenix PD31?

    The PD31 has 4 modes, low, med, high, and turbo. It's also type 3 hard anodised. Oh and it can also be turned on straight to low mode by loosening the head before turning it on.
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    What is a cigar grip?

    I've seen in reviews how suitable certain lights are for a "cigar grip" What is a "cigar grip" how do I perform a cigar grip?
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    Does your PD31 beam look like this one?

    Re: Do I have a defectgive PD31? Nah mine's pretty ringy too, I'm sure I read somewhere they are ringy. I thought that was fairly unavoidable with crees and smooth reflectors?
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    New XM-L recommendations

    I think it's between the Jetbeam m1xl, Crelant 7g3, Lumintop TD15x or Thrunight Catapult v3. I really like the diamond pattern and the gentle taper of the head on the Catapult
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    New XM-L recommendations

    How does the Thrunight catapult v3 compare to some of these other lights? I quite the look of it except that I can't use it with 1x 18650. How many lumens is the DBS XM-L
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    New XM-L recommendations

    I actually don't really care how much throw or flood it has, I just want it for super awesomeness. I didn't realise there was a DBS XM-L I've been thinking about a DBS R2 for a while
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    New XM-L recommendations

    I want an XM-L light because they're new, efficient and very bright. I currently own the Fenix TK11 and PD31. Here's the new light quiz thing 1) How would you prefer to purchase the light? I will be mail-ordering or buying online, so this doesn't matter. 2) Budget: An easy question, but you...
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    Photos of your lights

    My small lights: The bottom 3 arrived today :D the bottom 2 are Ultrafire SH-033 and SA-R2 My big lights:
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    Which LED Light Started it All?

    An LED upgrade to a 3D Maglite, which led to the discovery of Fenix
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Fenix PD31, because I found out there are only 4000 of them and it runs on 18650s
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    New Fenix LD03

    I found a german site that has it: It does look like a shorter ld05, would probably fit nicely in a shirt pocket but not on my key ring. Does anyone else think the ld05 looks like a magic wand?
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    New Fenix LD03

    Does anyone have any details on the upcoming Fenix LD03? I just emailed my Fenix dealer to enquire about the LD01 and he said they're expecting a new model LD03 soon. Does anyone know anything about this light? How is it different than the LD01?
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    Which Fenix flashlight do you have ?

    I have the TK11 R5 and I had the LD01 R5 but I lost it. I just ordered the PD31. Fenix is one of the only brands that is officially imported into NZ. I intend to get the TK35, HP10 and LD01 Stainless Special Edition within the next month.
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    "Dolphin" body torch

    So I've had this cool idea for a while to build a multi LED torch in a dolphin torch body. I would use maybe 4-9 XM-L LEDs mounted bases on a CPU heatsink inside the torch body with ventilation slots cut in the plastic. Will this be enough cooling? Should I put a fan on it? It will be powered...