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  1. Turbo_E

    cree stars @ dealextreme. how to wire them?

    ok as we all know DX is selling cree stars mounted on star boards. now, will they drop into place like regular LUXIII stars and wire up the same way or does something need to be isolated? i bought a pair from DX and dont want to fry em thanks
  2. Turbo_E

    time for an upgrade to the quad lux mag, but how?

    OKIE, so i put in 4 U binned Lux 3's into my quad lux mag running off a fatman driver and Modamag's 8AA battery holder. reflectors are IMS S02XA or something like that now if i wanted to upgrade to Cree LED's what do i need to change?
  3. Turbo_E

    Fenix LOP SE and 3.6V Lithium Rechargeables (10440)

    Well on a whim I ordered a pair of Ultrafire 3.6V Litium Batteries for my LOP SE. I already had a Ultrafire 602A light running (and died) on Lithim 3.6V AA's. so i had batteries and a charger that weren't being really used. Today I recieved my Lithium AAA's from Quality China Goods. When they...
  4. Turbo_E

    LOP-SE and rechargeable 3.6V lithiums?

    will this kill my prized Fenix? results? sob stories?
  5. Turbo_E

    is my Ultrafire 602 dead?

    my flashlight from Quality china Goods is no longer lighting up brightly. the led die is just faintly glowing. i was using the 14500 lithium battery. its recommended on their website. BTW its the 3 W unit. so is this a sign its dead or just something loose?
  6. Turbo_E

    Ultrafire 3 W mods?

    well i just recieved my 2 14500 lithium 3.6V AA size batteries from eBay and slapped on into my ultrafire 3W AA. WOW is it bright! easily takes #1 spot in my small size flashilight collection. #1 for the big boys is still the 4X U bin luxIII Modded Mag :D now, has anyone put a t Bin luxIII...
  7. Turbo_E

    modding a Minimag w terralux ministar II, I WANT MORE!

    ok so long a go i jumped on the Luxeon bandwagon an paid a whoppping $50 US for a 1W drop in module. now its a side emitting lux I. what can i do to boost the output? are there other drop ins in the 3W range?
  8. Turbo_E

    what to build with....6V lead acid battery, lux III's??

    i have some stuff lying around and was looking for ideas on what to build. i had though of using a CPU heatsink and attaching some lux III (SX1K)emitters to it and making a flood light or lantern. problem is, the luxes only take 4.5V or so. and the battery puts out about 6.5V I know a Fatman...
  9. Turbo_E

    Roar Of Pelican VS Quad LuxIII (pics)

    Well, not real scientific, but i recently built both of these badboys...well cuz i wanted to. Camera: Casio Exilim Z57 factory settings, no flash cloudy night, pretty much no image seen on camera witout any external light Specs: Quad Lux [email protected] 2D host 4 Luxeon III emitters (SX1K bin) Fatman...
  10. Turbo_E

    direct driving 4 LuxIII?

    can i do it in series with 3 D NiMh cells?
  11. Turbo_E

    Help me build a ROP

    after reading many threads re: the Roar of pelican Mod for Maglights, i have decided to have a go. what i have: -4D Mag or 2D mag -Modamag 6AA battery holder and lots o' NiMh AA batts -UCL lens after building a slew of Luxeon powered Mags, i thought i'd try something different. now what else...
  12. Turbo_E

    direct driving 4 S bin Lux III? how?

    ok I have my PQS and 4 S binned luxIII's in a 2 D mag right now but it doesnt seeem as bright as my PTS with 3 T binned LuxIII stars in it. I'm thinking of putting back the T bins in the 2 D mag (driven by Fatman) question is now, can i direct drive 4 stars in a 4 D cell mag, using 3 (NiMh) D...
  13. Turbo_E

    making a cheap Luxeon dome light?

    i have an idea, thats probably been discussed before. due to the massive drop in the cost of LuxIII's i bought a bunch. now i was thinking of having 2 emitters on a heatsink beind direct driven from my car's 12-14V DC. what would i need to bring the power down to what i need? resistors? BIN...
  14. Turbo_E

    4 D nimh on DD tripple lux safe?

    i have a 3 luxIII modded mag running DD on 3 D cells Alkaline (4.5V). wired in parallel bin codes are TW0K can 4 D's be safely used? (4.8V)
  15. Turbo_E

    choosing a nice white BIN for a LuxIII

    Photonfanatic has these for sale right now and I need one for a cr123 light which one is better? AFAIK they both have the same tint (X1) but which voltage is more desirable? L = 3.75V-3.99V N = 4.23V-4.47V I'm guessing the lower voltage (L BIN) it requires is preferable? longer runtime? Lux...
  16. Turbo_E

    how to Direct drive 3 Lux III's

    OK i have a 4 D cell Mag i want to use and a buncha loose lux 3 emitters. what battery config can i use to Direct drive all 3 in series? (possibly 4 luxes) (luxes are SX1J binned) All i have are AA's and D cell NiMh batteries.
  17. Turbo_E

    which lux III would you pick

    White Luxeon III 3W Star (LXHL-LW3C) TV1J White Luxeon III 3W Star (LXHL-LW3C) TWOK for upgrading my tri lux mag.
  18. Turbo_E

    can my tri lux mag be improved?

    current setup Pewter Mag 2 D cell Maglite Perfect D trisink 3 X 3Watt Lux stars wired in series bin SYOK 1 Fatman Regulator @ about 1 amp 2X d cells rated @ 10,000 mAh dimmer option enabled can i get mor juice out of this setup safely? if so how?
  19. Turbo_E

    ebay triple lux? anybody got one?
  20. Turbo_E

    TRI-Lux flashlight on eBay??? $89+free shipping "3 x 3 Watt Luxeon Star LED Flashlight. 3 80 Lumen LED's Combine to make a 240 Lumen Light. Select 1 2 or 3 LED's on. CNC Machined Aluminium Body...