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    Sold/Expired Original Elektro Lumens Tri-Star Prototype, Red/Orange

    I've been sorting though my piles of flashlights, I need to get rid of some of them. I decided to sell this original prototype Tri-Star. It is one I modified myself to use 3 LEDs. In this particular 3D flashlight, I used red/orage LEDs. I used red/orange stars, attaching them and wiring them in...
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    New LED MiniMag, modified to use a Nite Ize tail cap switch

    I read the threads on the new MiniMaglite LED flashlight, and decided to go and see if the local Wally's World in Cottage Grove carried them. Yes, they had the 2AA, 3AA LED Mini-Mags, and also the 2D Mag. Didn't want the 2D Mag as I know the LED is not sinked properly. Anyway, I purchased the...
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    A few of my collectables

    Here's a pic of a few of my collectable flashlights. The long one is a 6D monster I purchased on eBay. It can be 3D or 6D cells. It is an Eveready flashlight. I was going to put some Luxeon Stars into it. Decided to just leave it. The one with the box is a 1940's vintage Navy flashlight...
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    Stacking Micropucks, driving a 3W at 620mA

    I was told it could not be done. I was told it could be done. So I had to try it. I ran two Micropucks in parallel, powering a 3W Luxeon Star. Initial test: I hooked up the two Micropucks in parallel, powered from two Duracell alkaline D cells, powering one 3W Luxeon Star. Initial current is...
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    Custom Made Headlamp

    As a favor to a fellow CPF member, I made a custom headlamp for him. Here's a few pics: I call it "DW-1" It uses a 1W Luxeon Star emitter, with a Fraen LP narrow beam. I put a Micropuck boost circuit into the light, so any type of batteries will work, as long as the voltage stays at or...
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    Turning a Spyder into a 72 Lumen Flame Thrower

    Recently, I saw a fellow CPF member's Dorcy Spyder flashlight, converted to use a Luxeon Star. I dedided I had to have one. Of course, I couldn't buy one, I had to make it. I decided to show a few pics of how I am doing it, in case a few other CPF people might want to try it. This light will not...
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    Homemade Fraen LP holder

    I thought I'm make a post about a simple way to make a Fraen LP optics holder. I use 3/4" diameter copper pipe. Cut a piece off with a pipe cutter, .5 long. Give or take a few thousanths of an inch. Use a Luxeon Star emitter on a plate of aluminum. Place the Fraen LP on the emitter, and place...
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    3 Watt Luxeon Star Specs

    I just got hold of the specs on the new 3 watt Luxeon Star. It has lux ratings at 700mA, and 1000mA. At 700mA, it goes as follows: White, green, cyan: 51.7 Lumens Blue: 13. Royal blue: 275mW At 1,000mA: White: 72 lumens Green, Cyan: 80 lumens blue: 30 Royal blue: 450mW Can't wait to get...
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    12,720 lux Cyan 5W *ag*ite 2D Mod

    Just modified a 2D Maglite for a CPF member. I put in a cyan 5W, and am using the reflector. I put in two of the sample 3-To-D holders, and 6 new AA alkalines. This CPF member wanted to break the 10,000 lux barrier, so instructed me to put in less resistance. I put in a 5 watt .5 ohm resistor (I...
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    Triple-30 Bike Light, 7,790 Lux

    Three LXHL-MW1D 1 Watt Lambertian Luxeon Stars, three 30mm collimators, dirct drive from 3 D cells, 5,190 lux. Should last 8 hours at full or near full brightness. Beam is a single hot ball of white fire! This crude creation will go on my dual suspension mountain bike, next to my other Triple...
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    How to put a Luxeon Star into a Maglite

    I have had many requests on instructions on how to put a Luxeon Star into a Maglite. Of course, there is more than one way, or my way. This is how to do it using the kits I sell. Of course, you can make some of the parts yourself if you are able to. Here's the link to a web page (under...
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    Luxeon Star Regulated 2D Rayovac

    I decided to modify a Rayvac Industrial 2D flashlight, using a 1 watt Luxeon Star, 30mm optics, and a LED Dynamics micropuck. Here's a few pics: I have done a run time brightness test. Here are some results: 2:05pm - 2,830 lux 5:05pm - 2,270 lux 10:05pm - 1,730 lux 1:05am - 1,655 lux...
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    Pocket Zorch II / StunLux

    I finally got around to making another Pocket Zorch. This pocket light has a 5 watt white Luxeon Star (last time it was cyan), and it is in a small aluminum box. I am using a 9V rechargable nimh battery, that is a true 9V. I put in a 2.2 ohm resistor, as I am hoping this thing will not...
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    Posted here by mistake. Sorry.
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    Triple Luxeon Star Yard Light

    I often do little projects that are not related to something to sell, and here is one. I felt is it more appropriate to post here than in my own Elektro Lumens forum. I had some greenie 1W Luxeon Stars, and wanted to make some sort of light for my front yard. I used a large flat heat sink, with...
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    Luxeon Star headlamp

    See this link, to the Elektro Lumens forum: Luxeon Star Headlamp Wayne j Hope it's okay to post this here. If not, then 'whack it'.
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    Elektro Lumens 'Going Full Time'

    Elektro Lumens \'Going Full Time\' This thread has been moved. New forum
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    Elektro Lumens 'Blaster Series' Photos

    Elektro Lumens \'Blaster Series\' Photos I have taken a few pics of the 3 different Blaster series flashlights: For more pics, here is a link: Blaster pics Wayne j
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    Blaster II 1W @ 4,600 lux

    I know it's hard to believe, but I have a Blaster II here, which I took a lux reading at 4,600 lux, at one meter. It's brighter than a 5W I have. I've been measuring around 2,500 on most of the 1W Blaster II's. This one seemed a bit brighter than the rest, and when I took the reading, I was...
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    Elektro Lumens 'Police Special' Blaster

    Elektro Lumens \'Police Special\' Blaster Here is a link about the new Blaster II 'Police Special': Elektro Lumens 'Police Special' Wayne j