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  1. diggdug13

    Beamshots --> Chimo rd1, Chimo rd2, AWR NANO

    I've been lucky enough to aquire both a round 1 and a round 2 Chimo AAA Mod and a AWR nano. it took a while for the mail to deliver my round 2. Prior to the mail man bringing me my round 2 I had though that the Chimo round 1 was the cream of the crop.... I was wrong! The Chimo round 2 is...
  2. diggdug13

    diggdug13's lights *UPDATED 03 AUG 06*

    Well my house is empty so I figured what the hey! I might as well take some pictures of the flashlights that I did have packed out by the moving company. I hope you enjoy the photos. overview picture of the lights I didn't have packed out... Left to Right: 100 watt AWR Mag Mod, FM 700L...
  3. diggdug13

    Sold/Expired WTB chimo miniFLuPIC Round 2 ARC AAA MOD

    Title says it all, I missed the sale and I'd love to have one Please PM me if you have one you are willing to sell or trade me. Doug
  4. diggdug13

    Sold/Expired SOLD ! ALUMINUM BRONZE CR2 ION 150.00 USD

    FOR SALE: SOLD TO mcmc thank you very much ALUMINUM-BRONZE CR2 ION (lanyard not included) (CR2 ION IS THE CENTER LIGHT) (CR2 ION BROKEN DOWN) (CR2 BEAM CHARACTERISTICS ON LOW) It's a flood beam! (CR2 BEAM CHARACTERISTICS ON HIGH) It's still a flood beam! Light includes 9 x CR2...
  5. diggdug13


    Need to thin out the herd I'm buying a new home and a roof is more important than a light! SOLD For Sale: 550.00 USD may seem like a lot of money but it’s still less than the amount put into this package. Bare Aluminum V.I.P “Smoothie” only around 5 Smoothies were made! This...
  6. diggdug13

    Sold/Expired SOLD TO PSM! Ultra Rare TnC Lithium Lux-V #5/10 (XX0T bin)

    Willing to trade for a Mr. X, chrome U bin McLux III PD. or like flashlights This is for an ultra rare nuber five of ten TnC Lithium Lux-V Flashlight. this package includes: Pelican 1020 case cut out to fit all parts TnC Lithium Lux-V (14500 battery tube and twist tail) CR2 battery...
  7. diggdug13

    How do I stop battery rattle in my ARC LSH-P

    I bought a LSH-P but the battery rattles in there and it drives me crazy, there is no spounge to dampen the battery are there any and if not how do I stop the darn battery rattle. thank you doug
  8. diggdug13

    What Pelican case will fit a Surefire M6

    Looking for a Pelican case to store my soon to be here M6 when I travel. Does anyone else keep there M6 in a Pelican case? pics Doug
  9. diggdug13

    Why are most beam shots taken at 3 foot?

    Why are most beam shots taken at three foot instead of a realistic distance? with the lights that we all carry around any beam shot at 3 feet will show really bright hot spot and in reality an unrealistic beam because most of the lights are used at a walking distance not at three feet where the...
  10. diggdug13

    Fenix "Holester" for people that want the best

    Matt Geissal, owner of Art of the Hide ( creates some of the most unique, and sturdy holsters I have. What makes them stand out from the rest is the type of hides he uses to dress the holsters. He gets the name "HOLESTER" from the hole at the bottom (you can see the hole...
  11. diggdug13

    KL1 head do I need one to go with my TW4

    I've already got a TW4 and I love the heck outta it, but I"m looking for a "friend" for the KL4 head to trade off duty on my e1e. I'm Looking for throw and runtime. I'm looking at getting the KL1 (latest gen) what do you think??? the use will mostly be for short walks, and general use. it...
  12. diggdug13

    does anyone know how to make a PM6 two stage?

    Does anyone know how to make the Pelican M6 (LED) two stage? I'd love to have my light a two stage light. Doug
  13. diggdug13

    Any thoughts on the Silva L1

    I've been drooling over the Silva L1 for a long long time and I found a place that is selling one (I have it on hold till tomorrow) and it's on sale!!!! it's still expensive but I know that Silva is the best. But before I spend the $$ I want to know if anyone has used one before and how they...
  14. diggdug13

    VONAGE = Wow

    WOW! VIOP phones are the way (for me atleast), being in the Military and living overseas has been a real pain on my wallet when it comes to my phonebill, my wife like to talk to her mom nearly every single day (ouch! it's like pouring coins down the sink everytime she picks up the receiver)...
  15. diggdug13

    Sold/Expired FS Lambda mod *SOLD to Topper*

    Lambda modified 123 torch, it's very bright and has a wonderful beam but I need to free up some funds. Asking 55.00 I've used both CR123's and Rechargeables in this light. This is a very bright light that has a TWOJ emitter there are a few flakes off of the black picture below. If you...
  16. diggdug13

    Sold/Expired sold micro illuminator / nano mate

    Some lights looking for a good home. I love Lambda mods however, they have been sitting on my shelf looking purty and not being used. Lambda modified 123 torch withdrawn Lambda 123 mod I’ve lowered the tail switch so it can stand on it’s tail. This is a very bright light that has a TWOJ...
  17. diggdug13

    Sold/Expired FS: TXOK POP2 v2 UI sammie SOLD

    Asking $55.00 POP2 thread first to post “I’LL TAKE IT” gets it [ QUOTE ] Features - LDO based constant current regulation with li-ion battery - Dual selectable UI (traditional and simpler version) - 7Hz Strobe mode (instead of previous 5Hz). Many asked for faster strobe. I find the faster...
  18. diggdug13

    Sold/Expired Wtihdrawn

    Withdrawn he built this with a new Q3 and TXOK aswell as the POP2 UI chip because I have no modding skills! unfortunantly my wife said I have too many lights and I have to get rid of it. Link below to the POP2 thread. Basically makes this Q-III into a multi function light with SOS, STROBE...
  19. diggdug13

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn

  20. diggdug13

    Looking for a good carry sheath for E1E-KL4 head

    I've currently got a ripoff for this light and I'm not overly happy with the quality of the sheath (I'm afraid its gonna open and lose my light). I'm looking for a good leather sheath that would fit the e1e with KL4 head. any ideas. thanks doug