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  1. Mr_Light

    New Title: Super Awesome Maglite Gatling Gun

    Re: Interesting Lighting Techniques?? I know little about Dive lights, but this one appears pretty good for the money. F2 Cree Q5 100-Lumen Diving LED Flashlight (4*AA)...
  2. Mr_Light

    What LED flashlight is sitting on your nightstand?

    My nightstand drawer is the retirement home for most of my former EDCs (getting pretty full). The two that get used most are my Quark 123 (love the low) and my Fenix TK40 (no I never EDCed this one).
  3. Mr_Light

    keeping flashlights 'loaded'

    I have single cell Lithium lights in my cars with spares, and LSD NiMH AA and C cell lights loaded around the house. I have several packs of Alkaline C and D cells stored separately from lights for extended power outages. I don't own any AA alkalines. I will never leave an Alkaline cell in a...
  4. Mr_Light

    Who likes the Fenix P1D and why?

    I EDCed a P1D for a while, added a Leef body to it for a while, and have now switched to a Quark 123. I would still be using it today if the lower modes worked with 4.2volt RCRs.
  5. Mr_Light

    My beloved Fulton Anglehead. PIC HEAVY:)

    The MagLed module should work fine. You need to take the plastic bulb holder from the back of the relector, insert the MagLed, pack aluminum foil around the magled to hold it into the reflector and to help conduct heat away. You may need to slightly bend the metal strip that makes contact to...
  6. Mr_Light

    flexible flashlight mount

    Here is another alternative: Clone of Gorillapod Flexibe Joints Camera Tripod Small SKU: S003065 Our's Price: $6.24 The following flashlight has a tripod mount on the end. A multi-mode would be preferrable. Ultrafire 602D CE CREE...
  7. Mr_Light

    Discovery Channel Tonight

    On the show immediately before (7:00pm) covers how alkaline batteries are made.
  8. Mr_Light

    My beloved Fulton Anglehead. PIC HEAVY:)

    When I have installed MAG LED upgrades in these I just removed the plastic bulb holder and packed aluminum foil around the bulb base. It's not pretty, but it works.
  9. Mr_Light

    do you really need all the lights you have

    I came to the conclusion that 200+ lights were a little much, so I have sold off about hundred lights so far.... I'm convinced that I can get by with as few as 20-30 (in theory). I did just order a TK40:whistle:
  10. Mr_Light

    Does it matter if a flashlight is outdate

    You can always update your old lights with LED drop-ins or for the more adventurous:
  11. Mr_Light

    Power outage must have lights

    One vote for EternaLights (up to 700 Hours on three AAs). I keep one loaded with AA Lithiums (along with my hundreds of other lights....). Link to EternaLight Info:
  12. Mr_Light

    Still waiting for high quality, 2D alk flashlight...!

    I am another one wishing for updated Pro-Poly Streamlights. In general 3 cell lights (or more) can be the cheapest since they can be either direct drive or resistored down to the LED vf. 2 cells will require a boost circuit. That said here is another 3C alternative (I know it's not 2D)...
  13. Mr_Light

    Still waiting for high quality, 2D alk flashlight...!

    I have one of the following lights which is slimmer , but a little longer than a 2D Mag. Should give extemely long run time, but I haven't tested this. SmartFire M-504C Cree Flashlight (4xC Cells) Price: $28.55
  14. Mr_Light

    Neat Gravity Powered LED Floor Lamp

    Re: Gravity powered LED light Didn't you notice the fine print that mentioned that this light is designed for operation only on the surface of a Neutron Star, with the assumption that the residents there would be strong enough to lift the weight from the bottom back to the top of the...
  15. Mr_Light

    Rayovac sportsman old school

    I just gave away a light just like that at Christmas that I had modded with three Cree's. I love the old "chromies". Here is a link to a thread I started on some of my modded vintage lights.
  16. Mr_Light

    Discovered a flashaholic dog in the family!

    Last year I gave various family members modded Mag lights for Christmas including my niece who lives a couple hours away from me. A few months later she mentioned that one of her two dogs really liked carrying around the flashlight I had given her, which seemed a little strange since a 4D Mag is...
  17. Mr_Light

    Vintage Lights

    Here is a link showing some of my vintage lights. My current favorite is a 2C sportsman updated with a Cree.
  18. Mr_Light

    Black Friday Specials!

    Lowes web site offers MAGs for $9.97 Friday only. I stoped by a Lowes here in Maryland and picked up 8 3D Mags.
  19. Mr_Light

    Maglite 2D flashlight

    Do a Google price search (froogle) on the part number S2D016.