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  1. rikvee

    Popular bulbs current draw; SF & other brands, incl hotwires

    Please post any values you know in this thread, and I'll add them to the list: 1 CR123 ∼3.2V SF MN01 - ? LF HO-E1A-1.15A 65min SF R 30 - 1.14A 1 Li-Ion ∼4.2V LF HO-E1R -0.8A 3W (1x17670 112min/1xRCR123 38-50min) LF EO-E1R -1.3A 4.5W (1x17670 69min/1xRCR123 23-30min) SL Strion -1.67A 1.5mm LF...
  2. rikvee

    In praise of the Wolf-Eyes Sniper 6TX/old Pila GL2

    Just got my Wolf-Eyes 6TX from PTS, and got reminded that this IS the best deal on a 2-cell light . In my mind it blows any competion out of the water, and sheesh, I could have saved a LOT of dough if I had realized how good this little torch was earlier..... pic courtesy of ubermensch - beam...
  3. rikvee

    M2 holster for my funny light

    I have this strange concoction of a light: It's a G2 body with an M2 shock isolated bezel and a Z49 tailswitch (with it's rubber shroud removed and a Z60 L1/L2/A2 lanyard attached). What would be a good holster other than the polymer Z72? Bezel down is good, but a holster that doesn't...
  4. rikvee

    Can a LDF lens take the heat of a P91?

    'been having lots of fun with the Surefire P90 globe on two R123 unprotected rechargeables, and it's time to buy a glass lens from for my plastic G2 light. I like a diffused flood, and wonder if the LDF version, which involves a diffusing FILM on glass, is appropriate when...
  5. rikvee

    Crowded House's Clown Prince No More

    Crowded House\'s Clown Prince No More Crowded House was a band whose songs rivalled the best of what Paul McCartney never wrote... Their wonderful drummer Paul Hester provided the humour it takes to make great music, and became a much loved presenter of live music tv programmes. Depression is a...
  6. rikvee

    Katokichi Ichishiki - ARC4+

    This is an individual, non-technical appraisal: using freshly charged unprotected Li-Ions from AW, and pointing the lights at a white ceiling, my Ichishiki makes the room visibly brighter than my ARC4+, it also has a larger hotspot. It also beats my NG1000/TWOK/Aleph2 and my KL4/E1e, both on...
  7. rikvee

    How would you mod a Mag 3C ?

    Soon I hope to receive a Black HA3 3C Mag from reefphilic. I'd like to have it modded to something good, any suggestions?
  8. rikvee

    Rechargeable 123 options, how many mA?

    Where can I buy an appropriate rechargeable CR123 size battery with a charger that can handle 240V for use in my single cell KL4 (TW4)?
  9. rikvee

    Driver/emitter to equal KL1 on single CR123

    Which driver/emitter combo on an Aleph2 will be similar to the moderate brightness of the KL1 on a single CR123? (it doesn't have to be long throw, I'm hoping to save batteries by using a more efficient driver than a buck/boost, plus obtain a whiter tint and benefit from the A2 reflector)...
  10. rikvee

    low settng,diff heads,same intensity-same runtime?

    Hello flashlight friends, If the low setting of a two stage light is set to a given light output (say, similar to a 3x5mm led). Will different emitter/driver combos still deplete batteries at different rates when used on low only? Greetings from Downunder, Rik the Soundman.